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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hittin' the Hills with the Girls

2009 approaches its end; Calico is just around the corner. Am I where I wanted to be physically coming up on this race? No, I am not. Does that concern me? Surprisingly, it does not. : ) This year has been a learning year -- I try not to let the little things kill. Sure, I work at getting better. Every Monday, I start over, I eat a better diet, worker harder, practice more patience, and gradually it slips away . . . until the next Monday. And then I start again. That's why I love Mondays.

Anyway, when I contemplate Calico, I don't think about beating a particular time, nor do I think about finishing the race (because I'm pretty sure that's a given). What I think about is not losing my focus, and conserving energy, and NOT FALLING, but most of all, enjoying the beauty and enjoying the race. I simply can't wait! Until then, it will be hills. And then more hills, laying off some the week prior to the race.

This morning, I hit the hills at 7:00 AM with the girls. It was dang cold, but it was beautiful as we made our way up Cholla (& I struggled, but it was the good kind of struggle) and then up and down Westridge to that grand ole' place, The Top of the World.

Lovely run, great company, 5.9 miles logged.

Top of the World (Me, Sheila and Kelly)

Heading back on one of the flat portions of Westridge (Santa Ana Mountains in background)

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