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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clockwise on the Big Loop in Aliso / Wood Cyns

I dreamt a crazy dream, of pouring rain, flooded trails, quicksand and powers from another world snatching the best and brightest people, mostly children from Earth.  I stood off to the side of the flood hollering to children not to step on the sandbars as they escaped the “aliens” and the flood.  I remember “they” took all the children from one school as they received their Perfect Attendance Awards.  And I knew for some reason, “they” wanted these children not because they were the smartest, but because of their perseverance to attend every single day of school.

I really dreamt this.

ANYWAY, this morning the air was heavy-laden with moisture.  The streets were wet, the skies gray, large drips fell from tree leaves.  After driving my wrecked car back to the shop, I picked up my rental and headed off to Aliso / Wood Canyons for another big loop run – this time clockwise.  That meant running UP Meadows Trail (Oh my!).  But it also meant getting the hardest climbing done with first.  And that’s a good thing. : )

Running Meadow’s flat portion, approaching the climb (I can’t even see Top of the World)CIMG6102 

I found running UP Meadows extremely difficult.  Visibility was maybe a tenth of a mile – seriously.  That’s kind of neat and all, but on a climb like Meadows, I found it mentally difficult, because I wasn’t ever quite sure how much longer I had to run before reaching the top.  And another thing – the dirt was wet, which didn’t exactly make mud.  It made clay.  Nothing like running a single track, switchback for a mile long incline with Frankenstein feet.  That’s how much clay clung to my shoes.  My feet were heavy (more so than usual).

I stopped once to remove the mud/clay from my shoes.  But it wasn’t ten seconds later that clay covered them again.  So I gave up on the removal plan and just kept on running to the top. 


Soaking wet, not from rain, but from sweat and the moisture in the air, I reached Top of the World triumphantly.  Not sprinting, not beaming with a smile, but victorious. 

Frankenstein FeetCIMG6109 CIMG6111

 Top of the World (Ocean behind me – Really!)CIMG6114

I found this run much less stressful, more enjoyable than my counter-clockwise run last Tuesday.  Perhaps I was more rested today.  Perhaps it was the better mood.  Or maybe it was just the plain fact that I ran the hardest, steepest climb first.  I finished up at the ranger station feeling pretty good, thinking I did have a chance to get myself in shape enough for Bulldog (Malibu Creek 50k) by the end of August.

Heading down Westridge on my way to Cholla Trail CIMG6118

 Homeward bound / Wood Canyon, on a fairytale trailCIMG6122

Miles logged this morning:  11.65


  1. Nice run (well except for the mud). After today's race, I'm definitely spending more time climbing those hills. Nice meeting you!

  2. Well, that race had to be killer! Congrats on finishing. That's quite an accomplishment.