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Monday, July 26, 2010

It is Done

I tossed and turned all night thinking about my approaching 50k.  Less than a month away I'm feeling that I'm not nearly strong enough to conquer it.  What happened?  How did I get behind on my training AGAIN?  

Injuries, car accidents, visitors, birthdays, illnesses . . . life.  I should account for that next time I set my mind on a big race.

I made it to the gym this morning for some weight training, feeling inadequate, basically in most aspects, especially strength-wise.  I increased the weights by five to ten pounds for each muscle group.  And I wondered how it could be that I'm not getting any stronger, that I can't power up the hills any faster.  Then I suited up and swam some laps.  And I noticed . . . I noticed how very easy it was to swim a mere a 1,700 yards.  I breezed through the laps without resting, just enjoying myself, realizing, hey!  I guess I am a little stronger.  Then I had to go. : (

After chores, I went I did the thing I've been avoiding.  The whole family drove up to the yard, and I cleaned out my "totalled" car.  I wept behind dark sunglasses.  But it didn't go unnoticed.  The boys mainly had a a grand time crawling in and out of the car I've been driving for the past 8 years.  We found a DS game tucked in a tiny crevice.  There was also a movie in the dvd player (Chicken Run).  Then we drove back to the office and I "released" my car.

It is done.  And tomorrow's another day that I will try and power up those hills. : )


  1. You'll do fine...go out slow and ease off, remember to pace, pace, pace and before you know it you'll be at the finish!

  2. Thanks Stuart. I believe you, pace, pace, pace. That, and don't cramp. I start to panic when cramps attack then the mental battle starts to go down the tubes -- but I am prepared! Even if my anit-cramping strategies fail, I will not panic . . . I will not panic : )