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Friday, July 16, 2010

Heat Run (or is that heat stroke? : )

A morning of errands in and out of the house, drove my son in-land (just a few miles) into belligerent heat for a doctor's appointment.  It was only 10:00 AM.   Back to the beach shack, where we have no air-conditioning (and we hardly ever need it), it felt like an oven.  I felt sorry for the baby-sitter.  But I was off again to fit in a run.  The time was 11:30 AM  (note to self, don't run around noon on the hottest days).

With little time to spare, I drove down to the marina.  I thought, this should be nice and cool -- lovely ocean breezes, plenty of water fountains to drink from.  The first fountain I ran past, a woman held the faucet on while her two large dogs lapped water straight from the fountain.  I'm talking slobbering mouths all over the faucet.  Nice. (After that I would let the water run a while before drinking)

I noticed a few other runners, in and out of the wharf, over the island, all of us practically suffering from heat stroke.  Nah, it wasn't that bad.  Sure wasn't cool next to the ocean like I thought it would be though.  Fortunately, a breeze came through.  But they were few and far between.  This will be good practice for Bulldog, I thought.  NOT. 

I'm spoiled now with over twenty years living on the coast.  Growing up in Covina, California, I suffered through quite a few 100+ degree days.  We never get anything near that here.  Seventy degrees, I call it hot.  Eighty degrees, gosh, the devil is in town!

Fun stress-free run nonetheless.  Felt good the whole time.  The rest of the day it was ice, ice and more ice (pelvis, hip and back).  It doesn't hurt to run.  But everyday, whether I run or not, later in the day, I need ice for the my accident injury.  I begin physical therapy on Monday.  And I am confident that I will come-back quickly. (Please, please, please)

Miles logged: 5.25


  1. Yeah - but the closer you live to the coast the more humid it is. I was out in Temecula yesterday where it was well over 90, but also very dry. It was a lot less stifling out there than it was in 80 degree weather in Laguna Coast on Friday.

  2. Yes, it can be very deceiving when I go for a run along the ocean. Once in a while though, on those hot summer days, I get a gem of an evening with cool breezes down at the harbor. (Far & few between)