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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Emerald Canyon

Pain or damage don’t end the world.  Or despair, or f****** beatings.  The world ends when you’re dead.  Until then, you got more punishment  in store.  Stand it like a man . . . and give some back.”

Al Swearengen (Deadwood)

Somewhere along the line, I seemed to have lost my training.  I thought it was the car accident, but really, it’s been seeping away for a while.  In fact, it seems to have happened when I vowed to get stronger.  The more strength training I do, the weaker I feel.  And when I run lately, especially with this lingering ache (& lingering depression)  from the accident, I AM TIRED.

(I do have a doctor’s appointment set up for early next week for the ache, hopefully that will help with the depression as well.)

And so, the story of this morning’s run is one of lagging, feeling like I have no groove.  On the good side, I ran with two OCTR friends, Sheila and Tom.  We began on an uphill along Bommer ridge in Irvine, then made our way down into a gorgeous, overgrown Emerald Canyon.  Along the way, we spooked a bobcat, who simply stood on the trail and stared us down for a bit before taking off. 

Emerald Canyon dead-ends at the back of the Emerald Bay Community in Laguna Beach.  After a quick break, we headed back for a nice long run UP to the ridge (though the beginning climb was not so bad).  We turned off onto the Old Emerald Falls trail, I believe, another wonderful single track – love those single tracks.  And at one point, I recall Tom mentioning that we were running along another trail named “Fence Line.”

As tired, and as defeated that I’ve felt lately, I have to say that I’d do today’s run again.  And again, and again, and again . . .

 Heading down to Emerald Canyon? Or is this Bommer Ridge?


 Bushwhacking thru overgrown single track


 Canyon WallsCIMG6066

 Begins to look like a another world, the deeper we get into the canyonCIMG6068



Heading back up, stopping to snap a photo of this giant Dudleya brittonii (a nice excuse to rest : ) 


Almost to the top (looking back)


Miles logged Saturday morning:  10.1

Borrowed from Tom (I hope he doesn’t mind : > ) / Our route in blue


  1. I love it there in Emerald Canyon. Did you guys go all the way to the community? There's supposed to be a way around the gates, but I've never checked it out myself.

    Sometime you need to check out upper Laurel Canyon. Another gem in Laguna Coast. You'd neer know you were running right along the 73....

  2. We went all the way to the community. We looked for a rumored hole in the fence. No luck. There is a way around the fence, but you gotta climb a very steep hill.

    Laurel Cyn in Laguna Coast? I haven't heard of a Laurel Cyn there (but there's LOTS I don't know).

    I'll be seeing you at the start line for the Harding Hustle, right? (Na, not running it, volunteering : )