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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fitting in Summer Runs

With the boys out of school and myself teaching summer school 2 mornings a week, I find it so hard to fit in runs. Thing is, now is not the time to start slacking. So I did planks and push-ups this morning as I watched my five year old do his sports camp in a local park. Then after the boys' swimming lessons this afternoon, I rushed home to cook dinner so I could get out the door running. Thing is, I made tacos for everyone else and stuft salmon (stuffed with brown rice) for myself. Timing was all wrong. Tacos were ready way before the salmon. So after eating some tacos, I ate my salmon. Then I waited. I can't just run out the door after a dinner like that!

Boy, I don't mean to be too critical of myself. But I'm blowing it! (I neglected to mention above the candy I ate while preparing dinner)

Regardless, I had a lovely run this evening.  Ran out the door and did a beach/wharf/marina run, running up Golden Lantern with ease (thanks to all those trails). 

Here's what I observed:

1)  No need to wear long sleeves like I did, even on these cool summer evenings.  Sure everyone else wore long sleeves down at the marina, but none of them were RUNNING.

2)  High tide had crested the burm at Doheny campground, and the front row campers were flooded out.  Well, not actually flooded OUT.  They weren't leaving.  But there would be no tents hitched there tonight.  Campers would be sleeping in their r.v.'s and hopefully by tomorrow, the six or so inches of sea water will have subsided.

3)  The other campers were just fine and dandy, lighting campfires enough to practically make me gag from smoke inhalation.  (That's not necessarily a complaint, just an observation).

4)  The restaurants were full in the wharf, not usual these days, especially with so many businesses and restaurants closing in town, and

5)  I came across about five other runners.  All of them smiled.

Miles logged this Tuesday evening:  6.17

ps.  Physical Therapy begins tomorrrow

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