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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July Run

I planned on a 7 AM quick hilly run around town.  I slept in until almost 9 AM!  Wow.  That is a rarity, and a fine rarity at that.  It is the Fourth of July after all.  I finally laced up my shoes and ran out the door at 11 AM, happy to get in a run around town.  Why happy (because lately that has been a rarity too)?  Because I knew it would be easy, because even though I mapped out the most hilliest (is that a word) route possible, this was a road run.  For some reason, even with steep grades, running the road is so much easier for me than running a trail, with even a mild grade.  I figure the road is easier because the sidewalk is smooth, not rocky, and basically level horizontally (from side to side).  Therefore, I don't need as much strength to stay upright (as opposed to flat on my face).

Great run.  Sunny warm skies; the air smelled of BBQ's.  Only thing was, so giddy to get out the door and run, I forgot my hat, my sunglasses and water, chapstick, and not to mention sunscreen.  (I of course remembered my ipod -- NEVER forget the music).  Don't do that; don’t forget the water especially.  Especially in July.  Especially around noon.  I ran a few detours, one into an Albertson's store for the drinking fountain CIMG6089in their stockroom and the other into a Taco Bell to drink from their bathroom sink faucet. : )

In all I ran 5.76 happy miles.  After a bbq dinner at home, the whole family  walked over to a bluff park a few blocks away to watch fireworks.  And I learned today after looking at the pictures tonight, that I look EXACTLY like my mother.  That's not a bad thing.  It's just a fact.  But it's a little weird noticing it.  : )



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