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Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 Run through Laguna Coast

The weather was cool and cloudy for a peaceful run on this day of remembrance.  Three runners met early this morning at Ridge Park for a lovely run through the Laguna Coast. 

 The Serious Pose (Me, Sheila, Marcus)CIMG6874

The Silly Pose (I don’t really know how to do silly – I’ll work on it)


We took off down Bommer Ridge, then up Bommer Ridge to Old Emerald Trail.  I felt stronger than I have in a while.  So glad to again to have my groove back.  Sheila called the route as we made our way down Old Emerald Trail.  I’m so unfamiliar with this park that I could easily get turned around.  I pretty much know just one thing:  down, down, down is the Pacific Ocean.  But as far as which way is the direction back to the cars, besides up, I couldn’t tell ya on a cloudy, misty morning like today.

The views were enormous, and even when the sun did come out, it paid us little attention, then disappeared.  Soon my sunglasses were back upon my head as we continued down that delightful single-track, Old Emerald.  I don’t think I’ve ever run down Old Emerald Trail – seems I would have recognized it.  You can be sure I’m going back. 

Speaking of going back, from the bottom of Old Emerald Trail, we began our run back.  We ran up Old Emerald Falls Trail (which I have run down a couple times) and then ran Fence Line.  Last time I ran Fence Line, I was pretty miserable with an infected toe and aching hip.  Today: Different story.  What a difference a day makes (or rather many days).  From Fence Line we caught Bommer Ridge Trail which we ran back to the top as a couple dozen hikers made their way down into the misty, cool park.

Most likely Old Emerald Trail





6.88 Miles Run today : )  Great Company, No aching hip, No heat exhaustion and Relative Ease!  That makes for a great run.

group run w- Marcus & Sheila 9-11-2010, Elevation - Distance


  1. You're in my neck of the woods now!

    Emerald Canyon is indeed a gem in that park. The next time you do that trail, instead of running up Emerald Falls trail, hang a left and run down the canyon to the Emerald Bay community. As pristine as you'll ever see in our local hills. Unfortunately, you'll need to run back up the canyon, but still, it's beautiful!

  2. Funny -- my neck of the woods is just across from your neck of the woods. I have run down to the Emerald Bay community twice -- gorgeous run (though I did bring a tic home!). AND, we never did find a supposed hole in the fence.

    ANYWAY, I hoping soon to run one giant loop that connects my neck of the woods with yours. : ) But I have to wait til I can buy a car, because we still have just the one, and I can't leave my family without a car for HALF A DAY : )

  3. I love your photos, Lauren! I'm blog hopping from Texas and would give anything to enjoy trails like these! Happy running!

  4. Thanks Catchgretch. I've done some running in Texas. Not many hills where I've run (south of Dallas), but I've had lots of fun. My in-laws are Texans : ) One thing I clearly remember about running in Texas, is that I've got to get out mighty early in the morning during the summer. And I have to bundle up quite a bit in the winter. Fun stuff : ) And you know what else I love about those Texas runs? Those lonely, lonely roads that go on FOREVER. Talk about tranquility.