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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thud on Pavement

With the household still asleep, I had a little time to squeeze in a run this morning.  I couldn’t run far because this morning would be the first time in a long time that the whole family was going to church together. 

Last thing I did was put a pair of sunglasses on top of my head before I headed out the door.  What I saw was this:  gray, cool skies, heavy-laden with moisture.  As I ran down the hill toward Highway 1, I thought to myself that I probably wouldn’t even need the water in my handheld.

I’m still on a low mileage plan as I recover mentally and physically from a summer of hard training.  This does not equate to less dedication to fitness – on the contrary.  I’m cross training harder now, made possible by running less miles.  The plan:  get stronger, not necessarily faster, but stronger.  (Faster is good too, but I can concentrate more on that when I’m stronger).

So, last minute this morning, as I ran down the highway, I changed direction.  Instead of turning inland for paved hills, I ran to the beach for some beauty. Sure I still ran the pavement.  And my body still went THUD as it pounded against the cement.  Coming off the trails, I can really feel the pavement now, how it doesn’t give, how my body takes so much impact. 

On the beauty-side, waves pounded, I mean POUNDED against the shore.  Pelicans dove head first into the wharf waters.  Campers shuffled their slippered feet across the campground with cigarettes or cups of coffee in their hands as little children in their pajamas ran circles around camp, eager for a day at the beach.  Runners were out in abundance, especially at the marina, some running solo, others in small groups.  And I did get one hill in today – a nice big one back up to Highway One. 

5.07 miles ran this morning.  And I did drink from my handheld. : )  Plenty.

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