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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pavement out of Necessity

Less than a week after I wrote that I wouldn’t run pavement again for a while, there I was, 7:30 AM, running the roads in my hometown.  Why would I do such a treacherous thing?  (Well, not actually that treacherous).

First off, I am cramped for time.  If I want to put in the mileage, I can’t spend too much time driving there.  (The nearest trails I know off adds thirty minutes driving time – round trip)

I took off running out the door this morning, headed down Highway One.  Then I headed inland for some paved hills.  As I ran that first big climb I realized that I left my handheld at home (of course, I had packed enough calories for a long trail run, phone and camera in my belt).  Though the skies were gray and misty, I didn’t want to regret the missing fluids thing later, so I circled in back home at about mile four to pick up my handheld, which by the way was in the house – not on the front porch as I had hoped.

Middle son and husband were waking momentarily when I barged back in the house.  They suggested I go back to bed.  I could have been kinder in my response.  I mean, come on!  This was a weekend morning.  What else was I supposed to be doing??? 

And so on again and off again, I was off to continue my weekend run. 

A Spider in its web on the road!


After running the condemned bike trail I made my way down to our northern beaches. I ran beneath the highway to meet waves pounding against the shore.  Their roar was louder than a train.  Then I ran the length of three beaches at a bank (about 2 miles total), and hopped up onto the rocks for some look at sea creatures.  The tide high, I stepped down into the rock crevices to snap some photos when a wave hit me.  My legs drenched, I took off again across those beaches, my shoes and socks soaked and filled with sand.

Me just meeting the shore (about 6.5 miles in)


The first time my feet hit TRAIL this morning (onward to Monarch Beach)




Where Many Have Traveled

CIMG6993CIMG7000 CIMG7003

After running the beaches, I headed up that big paved hill home, feeling pretty good.  I stopped once to empty my shoes of sand.  Miles run this morning:  13.19

Elevation Profile – looks scarier than it actually was.  Notice, I’m at about sea level and climb only to 350 at the highest point.  Not too tough at all.

My Activities Dana Point down to beaches 9-18-2010, Elevation - Distance


  1. Nice post and great pics. I've been running mostly in Crystal Cove and O'Neill Regional Park but have been wanting to hit Aliso. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

  2. What a blast...it just sounds joyful from your writing!

  3. Thanks Daddyrun : ) I haven't explored Crystal Cove as much. But I love it when I do. I get more shade at Aliso (if I pick the right trails) and I gotta have that shade.

  4. Thanks Rachel -- I'm definately trigger happy when I run. It slows me down some, but heck, I'm no speed demon anyway.

  5. Thanks Stuart -- this is one of my favorite local loops. It's best nowadays, because the lifeguards don't holler at me to stay off the rocks : )