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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Run to Nowhere

After rolling my sore glute, I suited up this morning for a nice long trail loop.  I dropped my kindergartner off at school and raced off toward Canyon Vistas park, giddy over my planned run.  Along the way I passed the new roadside memorial, a poor teenager killed on the road (not positive she was a teenager, but by her picture posted among the flowers, she looked young).  I can't help be amazed that I've lucked out to make it this far in life.  By "make it this far," I simply mean, having survived.

I sunscreened up at the park, put on my cap with the promise to watch out for branches and took off running downhill through the park.  Then OUCH.  That glute stabbed, literally stabbed at me with each step.  Now, I promised myself to listen to my body, and with this much pain, I knew I wasn't going to "run it off", especially with Meadows Trail looming ahead.  And so I turned back to the car, limping, wincing in pain.

Back in the car, I actually wept a good deal.  I've got plenty to weep over, like I still miss my Daisy Dog.  And my son broke his foot, and, and, and . . . a run would have made all that better.  But I am still alive.  My whole family is still alive.  And so, I sucked it up, just like one of my shirt says, and drove to the gym.  I put in over an hour on the elliptical (about 6 miles of Cross Training, Resistance 9 -- basically up and down hills), and felt no glute pain.  I foam rolled again, did a two minute plank, some ab work and weights, all without any glute pain.

So what's the deal???  I suppose the mystery will not be solved and I'm really not in the mood to head back to physical therapy for now.  We'll see.   I'm off to a 3 day writer's conference.  So, I'll put off my concern for these aches, and hopefully I will be back on the trail sooner than later.

Miles run:  ZERO

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