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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do You Do This?

Do you have this sickness?  I must  feel organized, clean everything, even the toilets before I can start on my projects (reading or writing novels, looking for an agent, etc).  I call it a sickness, because it’s a never-ending battle with me. I NEVER feel organized.  Yet, people tell me that I’m the most organized person they know.

I feel happy when I throw away bags of trash.  I feel relieved when I load up the truck with boxes of things to drop at the thrift store.  Clutter.  It actually weighs upon my soul.

Well, on the good side.  I cleaned and organized one more corner of my chaotic, looks-like-a-tornado-hit office today.  That is after 2 hours at the gym, then back home, making breakfasts, then scrubbing the bathroom floors, throwing out old files, washing and folding, and folding and folding clothes . . .

One More Office Corner Organized


And then all this organization and cleaning stuff seems so idiotic and unimportant when I think that it can crumble or be washed away in an instant!  Those poor people in Japan.  Their devastation is just too much to take all in.


  1. You are right about the importance of it in the big picture but it does look great!

  2. I think I'm too organised some times but it works for me. Agree, the disaster in Japan is awful.

  3. Thanks AJH. I would just like to feel calm even if the toilets weren't clean : ))) (I can no longer watch the news, my brother's wife has family in Japan, and thankfully, her missing cousin is safe and well!)

  4. Thanks Johann. I think organized is great, but I seem to go in this never ending circle where I feel I can never get organized. That's one of the reasons running is such a relief to me. I can forget it all.

    Thanks for reading.