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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winding Down

As I approach this weekend’s race, I continue my wind down.  My husband thought I should rest two days before the 50k.  I compromised with a 1,500 yard swim and about thirty minutes of strength training today at the gym.  I relished every minute of it, in a melancholy sort of way.  Then I continued at home with floor exercises and foam rolling, foam rolling, foam rolling.  And oh ya, my cartwheel conditioning. Smile  I won’t post the wheel barrels – there’s too much screaming, falling flat on my face (& laughing hysterically) involved.

Struggling To Hand Walk To The Wall, Stopped By The Frame (Oops!)


Youngest Son Crawls Up Wall Like It’s Nothing!


My expectations for Saturday’s 50k are much different from my last attempt at a 50k.  I went into my first 50k (Bulldog) during the hottest month of the year, INJURED, and with pretty much no doubt that I would finish.  I did not finish.  What took me out of that race was something that I NEVER expected – heat exhaustion.  I go into my 2nd attempt at a 50k without injury, during a cool weathered month and place my probability at finishing around 25%.  I’m not sad about that.  I’m just realistic.  Hubby says that he thinks I’m going to surprise myself.  I hope that I do.

And so tomorrow, I will grow quieter.  That’s what I do when a big race approaches.  I grow quieter until I no longer talk (and that’s not like me at all, to not talk, that is).  I will also I run errands:  turn in attendance, stop by the running store for more gels, buy the pre-race dinner (jasmine rice, teriyaki chicken with broccoli and chest nuts) and more foam rolling.  Hopefully, I will be in bed by 8:30, or 9:00 at the latest.

A big thanks from me to readers’ advice and encouragement!  You probably don’t realize how much you’ve helped.

Until next race report, another blast from the past : )  High school volleyball team.  I didn’t really have fun (as you can tell, I’m back row, far left)



  1. Good luck, girl. I'll be thinking about you and sending you lots and lots of positive energy!

  2. Thanks so much Green Girl -- I will reach out for that positive energy and gulp it up in abundance : ))

  3. Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! I hope your race goes well. Your cartwheel training is cracking me up!

  4. Thanks Whitney! Off to bed I go. I hope I can sleep.

  5. All the best Lauren! You will surprise yourself. You are ready for a good one.

  6. Thanks Johann. I had a blast, and finished my first 50k. So happy!

  7. i hope you had a good race/run! walking up the wall... interesting. that looks harder than cartwheels to me.

  8. Thanks Lindsay, I think walking up the wall is a lot harder. And it's a lot harder than lifting weights too. Talk about lifting your own body weight : )