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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes A Run Doesn’t “Do It”

Today I planned my lackadaisical run instead of a long run.  That is I could run where I wanted, basically run for the joy of it, no pressure, no time constraints.  Thing was . . . I wasn’t feeling much joy.  In fact, I felt downright groggy and depressed.  A run, I thought surely would pull me out.  It usually does.  Especially a lackadaisical run.

The runner I ran in with at the Saddleback Marathon last November told me that he runs up the opposite side of Canyon Vistas to catch a trail that takes him up to the two water towers.  At the top, he catches Five Oaks Trail, the one trail in Aliso/Wood Canyons Park I have not run in its entirety.

That intrigued me and I’ve been wanting to explore ever since.  I couldn’t find the trail though this morning.  Looking back, I should have run up to the neighborhoods and met up with the trail that way.  Instead, I ran down a muddy slope and ran the storm drains until it stopped or masses of fallen trees blocked my passage.  Then I slipped and slid down to the next storm drain, until I finally came out to a road.  And there up, above me, stood the two gigantic water towers high up on a hill.

Making My Way To the Towers


Following several mountain bikers onto the closed trail, I ran up slope thick with mud.  I quickly passed the bikers, as they had to walk their bikes the mud was so slick.  They caught up at the top as I snapped a couple pictures.  Then I watched as they flew down Five Oaks Trail.  I followed behind, taking my time down that steep trail.  My mind was blank.

Five Oaks Trail From Top To BottomCIMG9318CIMG9323CIMG9326CIMG9329CIMG9339CIMG9340CIMG9341CIMG9344

When I hit Wood Canyon, my run pretty much dragged on.  And I actually felt some anxiety approaching Mathis Trail.  But I ran up it, no problem.  I’m not saying that I took it like a bullet or even ran my fastest pace.  I’m just saying that I ran it peacefully, without stress, enjoying the scenery. 

Flowers Along Mathis TrailCIMG9346

CIMG9349Relief hit when I made it to Top of the World, because that meant I WAS GOING HOME.  Today wasn’t a good day for a run that’s all I can say.  But I did it.  I just didn’t have the umph to push.  And I would have much rather spent the day in bed sleeping.  I should track Day Light Saving Time changes and see if the days are usually this draggy for me.   I can’t deny though, that the my views on this run were a great pleasure to take in.  They weren’t enough to pull me from a gloomy mood though.

From Park Ave. Nature TrailCIMG9355

Mustard Seed Plants Along West Ridge TrailCIMG9356

Miles logged today:  8 miles

Elevation Profile:  +1,5895 Oak Grove 3-13-2011, Elevation - Distance


  1. Wow ... the elevation is incredible! Way to power though the run even though you weren't feeling it! Beatiful trail!

  2. Thanks Jim for stopping by and reading. Elevation is my thing nowadays. Good luck on your 50! What a great goal.

  3. Congratulations on pushing yourself and just letting yourself 'be'.

  4. Thanks Green Girl. It was a very nice run. It just didn't lift the depression. But it is fun to just "be" isn't it?