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Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Nourishment for the Soul

With the end of the month at hand, I’ve made all of my fitness goals, except for swimming and weight training.  That meant that beneath these beautiful dry blue skies I could not run today.  I suppose I can do anything I want, but I didn’t allow myself to run today.  Today, I swam after about forty-five minutes of strengthening.

Blogger Windnsnow once commented on this blog “Running elevates your soul. Swimming nourishes it.”  Today, I felt that water nourishing an unnourished soul. And I kept on going for more, swimming 500 more yards than I had planned.  In total, I swam 2,000 yards (1829 meters, or 1.25 miles which is 80 laps in my gym’s 25 yard pool).  I felt reinvigorated afterwards.

I think I must have over-nourished, because back at home, all I wanted to do was sleep.  I slept off and on from 1:30 until about 5:00 PM.  I NEVER do that.

Wishing you all a great week!

I’ll leave you with this.  I used to be a fisherman (fisherwoman???).  Some more blasts from the past:

1984 Showing off my tiny perch.  Yes, we fried it up.


1984  Some bigger catches / Rainbow Trout


1985 Some Brook Trout (though the bigger catch may be a Rainbow Trout)


1991 A secluded pool up stream, miles away from civilization / click on picture to enlarge and you can see the Brook Trout in hand. Don’t ask me about the bandana on my head – I don’t remember, and I can’t explain it.


Same day, same place as above – notice the canteen hanging on the rock, I’m fairly positive there’s water in there and nothing else (don’t own one of those anymore, today, I’d probably be wearing a hydration pack FILLED WITH WATER, plus a few Nuun tablets : )  I was so, so young in this picture.  (Let’s see 1991 – 1965 = 26 years old!!).  See the tiny tattoo on right shoulder – I was actually carded to get that when a mere child (18).  Today it’s so faded, I’m not sure you can even see it. LOL.  Oh, how the glorious days go by.  Now we have to relive it through our children with their own lovely souls.  Hopefully, they will learn to nourish theirs’. Smile



  1. I love this post! Great job on the swim! I’m a strong swimmer but haven’t done so in a long time (except for swimming in our pool at home but that’s more playing). Awesome photos! Those even bring back memories for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rock on with that swim! That bandana was stylish! Totally went with your outfit!! :) Time goes by so fast doesn't it??

  3. Stumbled upon your blog... look forward to following. Love the banner photo!!

  4. Thanks Johann! I'm glad that you get to enjoy time "playing" in the pool. That is one of my favorite "plays."

  5. Thanks Kate! Yes, "Time is Fleeting!"

  6. Thanks for the shout out. At the risk of sounding like Yoda, sleep is deeper when it visits you, rather than you you visit it.

  7. Stacey -- I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog.
    Thanks for following!

  8. May the Force be with you Windnsnow : ) And yes, I think you are right. Much rested, I feel today.

  9. Man - I *love* fishing! Been going to the Eastern Sierra Nevada since I was 6 years old. There is nothing I would like better than to be able to retire in Bishop.

  10. Thanks for stopping by Glen. Fishing is so relaxing. I really liked stream fishing. I don't think I have fished since our boys' were born. They have fished however, and their Daddy got plenty frustrated untangling lines from the brush : ))) Back before the kids, my husband used to walk down to Dana Strands and bring home dinner