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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sneaking Exercises

Monday:  Sick.  I woke with soaking clothes from sweating through the night.  Definitely bummed, because I planned on another lackadaisical run.  Cancelled that.  If there’s anything I learned (which ain’t much!), that is don’t run with a fever or sore throat.  And I had both.

I was so fortunate that my husband had time to take all the boys to school (all different drop off times).  Sure I stumbled to the kitchen to make their lunches, but he did the hard part.  I slept pretty much all day.  He picked them all up from school.  How do single parents do it????

Monday night the entire family attended our oldest son’s orchestra concert.  Quite a delight.  We returned home late, and I had to work on a science project with middle son (which involved popping popcorn and weighing it against an apple), so I didn’t get the sleep I needed again.

Thankfully, I don’t work Mondays.  That would have layed me out!

Tuesday, I woke sick again, but without a fever.  I managed to drop the first boy off, then childishly requested (meaning, I didn’t straight out ask, instead, I “guilted” hubby into making the remaining drop offs.)  And then . . . AND THEN, I managed to use my unique persuasiveness to get my “better half”  to do the pick-ups and watch the younger boys’ OC Marathon training, which meant:  I got to sneak in some exercises.  Smile I had to work fast.  But I did it.  I got in lots of core work.  And I sweated through a hand-held weight video and rushed in a shower.  No one was the wiser.  Except for you guys.  No one in my family ever reads this blog.

Two days in a row no runs, but at least I got to sneak in some exercises.



  1. Cannot imagine being a single parent - my wife does most of the homemaking stuff but I pitch in when I can.

  2. Real life is what happens between what you plan.
    Glad to see you are living it to its fullest.

  3. Thanks for reading Kovas. I would probably go insane if I had to do it all by myself : )

  4. Thanks for stopping by Windnsnow. True true about real life happening between what I plan. I don't think I'm living it to the fullest. I do love my runs though. They help keep me sane : )