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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Game Plan

I was never a runner.  Never had a running coach.  I ran in my youth and early adulthood (occasionally) because I wanted to be pin-thin.  That is amusing, because now, I put in 50+ miles a week, and I’m gaining weight.  And it’s NOT ALL MUSCLE.  It’s purely because I’m pretty much hungry all the time, and I don’t eat the right things.  Yes, I love spinach.  And yes, I can eat bags of broccoli.  But I also love cheese. 

Enough said.

So, I’m pretty much scared out of my mind, as you probably know about the upcoming 50k I’m registered for.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I registered.  I must have had a good run or race just beforehand.  When I ran this race last year (and came in third to last), I thought to myself, “been there, done that, no need to do that again.”

And then here I am stressing over the same race.  At least I know the trails. Smile with tongue out

Keep in mind that I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TRAIN FOR AN ULTRA-MARATHON.  On the upside, I have met and run with wonderful ultra-marathoners who have much to offer and have given me great advice.

I thought it apropos today to publish my “game-plan” for the SJ50k (since it’s TWO weeks away – yikes!!!!!!)

1)  I’m not training anymore.  I’m just running for fun. That’s my “taper” which will inevitably result in less mileage.

2)  I am going to RUN MY OWN RACE.  This is very important to me – I’m not going to get pressured out about how fast other runners are at the start, I’m just going to run my pace and focus on remaining strong both mentally and physically THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE RACE – especially going up West Horsethief..

3)  I’m breaking this race into 2 portions – the first is referred to as “The Candy Store Run,” which totals about 19 miles.  It’s a tough run and has a cut-off of 5 hours.  You may think that 5 hours is no pressure.  But it is for me, because my goal is to make it well beneath that goal of 5 hours.  I’m hoping for 4 hours, because the next 12 miles is much more difficult than the first 19.

4)  I will top-off at EVERY water station.

5)  I will keep moving forward, which means NOT STOPPING AND JOKING AROUND AT AID STATIONS.  I can’t afford the time.  Forward, forward, forward – that is my motto.

6) Since we run past our cars at about mile 18, I will pack a drop bag, just in case.

7)  I will smile.

8)  I will laugh

9)  I will do my my best to not fall.

10)  And I will help other runners if they are unfortunate enough to need my help.

I have more to my race plan, which entails how I will tackle West Horsethief at mile 23!!   But these are minor details to those listed above.  Best thing is, I found my favorite shoe on close-out (meaning cheap) which I plan to run in until the race.  Hopefully it will do me good!

Thanks so much for all your encouragement. : )  You guys and gals have more confidence in me than I. 


  1. Just reading about your runs would tell me that you have done enough - you got this :)

    Love the 10 point plan, especially 1 and 2. Good luck with #3, but don't go "chasing" 4 hours if it isn't happening, you don't want to beat yourself up early.

    Wishing you good luck and a great race, and I eagerly await your report.


    1. Thanks for reading Jimbo, and for your confidence. I really need to lighten up. I am tapering for this race, and I usually don't taper because of this very reason -- I start thinking that I can't do it. Thanks again for your kind remarks!

      ps. I believe you are correct about not "chasing" 4 hours

  2. Have a great race! Keep eating that cheese. I just can't imagine a world without it.

    Like the game, or race plan. Works for me.

    1. Thanks Slomohusky. I have never heard "keep eating that cheese." LOL. We shall see how the game/race plan goes by this time next week. Thanks for reading!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Khourt. And thanks for your confidence. If I can have some fun and not get injured (making the time limits would be good too) then I will be fabulous!! Thanks again : )