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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Solo Group Run

Due to a series of circumstances, I was to host the new member’s run for OCTR (Orange County Trail Runners) that I had to change the date on, less than a week ago.  Pretty certain that no one would show, I arrived to Aliso/Wood Canyons at 7:00 AM just to make sure.  I would have probably slept in today had it not been for this group run. 

I stood around in the parking lot for about ten minutes.  When I determined there was no “New Member” run for me to lead, I thought to myself, “I can just go home.”

But I had dressed for a run.  The satellites had already loaded on my garmin.  I had my running belt on, had already dissolved a Nuun tablet.  “I’ll just run to the edge of the paved trail and turn around for a mile and a half round trip.”

And so I ran.

When I arrived to the dirt single-track, I thought to myself, “Okay.  I’ll just finish up Aliso Creek Trail for a 3 mile round trip.”

And I ran onward through the misty canyon called Aliso Canyon.

At the end of Aliso Creek Trail, I felt okay.  Not magnificent.  Not super strong.  But just fine.  So, I thought to myself, “I’ll run some of Meadows and turn around before the climb for a 4 mile out-and-back.”

I am happy that I turned off onto Meadows.  As I ran the overgrown single-track, a honey-colored weasel ran across my path.  It was the cutest little critter, its belly so low to the ground as it scampered across the trail.  I would have loved to have scooped him up and taken the little guy home for a pet.  But alas, there’s no way I would have been quick enough to snatch it up.  And if I had done so, the weasel would have most likely left behind quite a few scratch scars before I finally dropped it to the ground, both of us screaming. Smile 

Now that’s a single-track (Meadows):

Well!  At the base of the Meadows climb, I thought to myself, “Heck, I’m already here.  I might as well run to the top for a 6 mile out-and-back.”  And so I ran up that great switch-back hill, running first through bountiful mustard plants like these:

The run up Meadows was misty and foggy.  I couldn’t see the top.  A few mountain bikers and hikers made their way down.  One hiker caught up with me from behind.  With him right on my heels I picked up my pace because I wasn’t going to let a hiker pass me going up Meadows.  I gained my distance on him and beat him to the top.  But I have to point out he was ONE DANG STRONG HIKER.  Because I focused so much on not letting him pass, the top of Meadows came as a surprise.  A welcomed surprise. 

Running up Meadows:

Top of Meadows, the Hiker Who Nearly Passed Me in Background:

By the time I reached the top of Meadows, I felt strong enough to keep on running.  I thought that I could go for a 9 or 11 mile standard loop that I frequently run.  Then on second thought, I figured, wouldn’t it be nice to surprise my family and arrive home in time to attend church with them?

And so I ran back down Meadows and through Aliso Canyon to my truck and drove home.

My Activities Out and Back to Meadows 4-22-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. You are such a "trail girl"! I always love how I can feel your enjoyment of being out there.

    1. Thanks Johann! "Trail Girl," I like that!!

  2. sounds like a great run to me - i love the ones when you talk yourself into just a little more, just a little more :) i'm sure the family was also glad to have you home early!

    1. Thanks for reading Lindsay. Was definitely a lovely run.

  3. You left us hanging. Did you make it back in time to go to Church with the family?

    1. Yes, Khourt make it back in time. In fact, everyone was still sleeping and I had to wake them up : ))