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Friday, April 20, 2012

Recovery Run #2

Okay, I need two recovery runs.  Such is life with me.  Good thing is, I think I’m probably 90% back.  My legs did not feel extremely heavy (& unfortunately I didn’t lose any weight to explain that).  Not only that, I didn’t dread today’s warm-up, PLUS, I came in strong after a 11.5 mile hilly run. 

A new lollipop loop came to mind last night that I don’t think I’ve run in my regular wilderness park before.  I believe something new was good for my recovery.  Funny, I guessed this newly concocted lollipop loop was about 9 miles.  I was a little off. 

Some high (or rather low points in today’s run), I was nearly wiped out by two mountain bikers hauling a** down Rock It Trail.  They were for sure travelling more than the 10 mph speed limit.  I had to jump off the trail to avoid one mountain biker.  The other one, fortunately, I could hear her brakes before a possible collision.  Sorry, but I think it’s crazy to travel that quickly down these steep trails.  A wipe-out could mean death for the rider, for sure a SERIOUS injury.  I shiver to imagine what a collision with a runner would mean.

Also, two Sheriff helicopters hovered nearby for the first hour of my run.  I discussed the possibilities with another runner as we ran up Rock It trail.  We both agreed that the problem was probably on Lynx Trail, OR, as she said, “there was a killer loose.”  Her comment cracked me up because that’s exactly one of the scenarios that runs through my mind when there’s helicopters hovering above my trails.

Anyway, I heard later from another mountain biker that a cyclist was seriously hurt on Lynx Trail.  That’s another super steep, rocky terrain that mountain bikers generally take rather quickly.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the injured biker was travelling too fast. 

On my way back down from Top of the World, I passed the fire truck and paramedic that was presumably transporting the injured to the nearest hospital (which would have been South Coast in Laguna Beach).  The enormous trucks slowly made their way along West Ridge toward Top of the World.  And from far away, the fire truck actually honked several times, as if perhaps I didn’t see him.  Let me tell you, a big red fire truck travelling along the ridge of Aliso/Wood Canyons wilderness park is hard to miss.

I hope the best for the biker.  Really.  But I do wish some of the mountain bikers would slow down a bit travelling some of the steeper trails.  As a precaution, I always turn the music down very low when travelling these trails.   

And now to the photographs.  I gave myself lots of leeway to take pictures today.  Since I this was a recovery run, I figured quick stops to take a photo would do me good toward getting back to normal.

Entering Cave Rock Trail (not my usual route, a long neglected trail):

A Look Back onto Wood Canyon while Running up to THE rock:

Thar she blows – THE rock:

Flora along Wood Canyon Trail:

Creek Crossing on Mathis as I make my way to Coyote Run Trail:

Lovely Coyote Run:

Time to Climb:

Flora along Rock It Trail:

Why they call it Rock It:

Up, up and away (in my beautiful balloon) – can someone please remind me to wash the salt off those glasses?  LOL  I actually wash them quite frequently:

Running down Car Wreck Trail, a fun technical run:

A Stop at the Wreck:

Finishing up Car Wreck Trail to begin Oak Grove Trail:

Arriving to Dripping Cave (AKA Robbers’ Cave), First Thing, Check the Cave for Snakes:

Reach for the Sky, Cowboy! (Dripping AKA Robbers’ Cave):

11.5 miles (18.51 km) run today, the last day of my recovery Smile:My Activities Rockit, WestRidge lollipop loop 4-20-2012, Elevation - Distance

Lollipop Loop from Above:My Activities Rockit, WestRidge lollipop loop 4-20-2012


  1. Weve seen the first 2 snakes of the season in our yard so far. Kinda scary! Saw one on the bike trail one day. Im a big baby when it comes to snakes. When we (had the kids with me) encountered the one on the bike trail we turned around and headed back. You are much braver than me!

  2. Khourt, I used to hate snakes and all reptiles for that matter. Once I got to know them, I began to really like them. What helped was to learn about them (read up, ask questions, etc.). What I hate more than anything is ticks! Yucky.