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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Putting My Fun Back Into My Run

I wasn’t really sure what “over-training” meant.  I thought it had to involve an injury of some sort, something like a repetitive injury, or at the very least extreme physical fatigue.  I’ll tell what I’ve learned training for my upcoming race – I have definitely over-trained.  But I am not injured and I am not extremely physically fatigued.  I have over-trained to the point of severe MENTAL fatigue. 

For a long time now, the mental battle with running extreme courses has always been the toughest for me.  And with  this recent training, I have become so mentally tired that my confidence plummeted, my negative self-talk reared it’s ugly head.  I also began overly fretting over this upcoming race.  (Wait, I’m more than overly frettingI’m freaking-out.)  I have had no desire to run since my Palm Sunday run, and as such, I haven’t.  That just isn’t me.  I did a some upper body work-outs (not much), some floor exercises (again not much).  I even packed for a run and never went.

Today, I pretty much just forced myself to the trails.  I told myself, “You’re no longer training.  YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE FUN.  Play girl.  Go play!”

And that is just what I did.  The run didn’t start out fun.  It started out tiring, like my brain simply said, “No, no, no, not again!”  But when I stopped for a quick picture at my regular photo-op – Meadows Trail – I suddenly began to let loose.  I looked forward to running up Meadows for fun.  No repeats.  No trying to beat a clock.  Just for fun.  I’m not saying that the run up Meadows wasn’t difficult.  It was stress-free.  I actually stopped twice to look around and take in the beauty.

Meadows Trailhead:

Entering Meadows, A Deliciously Deceitful Trail:

A Quick Pose Before Steep Run To The Top:

Top of the World, The Prize:

Car Wreck Trail, How Do I Run Thee?  Carefully, But With A Smile:

The Wreck:

More Of Car Wreck Trail, A Hidden Gem Within The Park:

Hopping Onto Dripping Cave, An Old Friend:

Saying “Hello” To My Old Friend:

Leaving Dripping Cave:

After Hitting Dripping Cave, I Set Off For Cave Rock Trail:

I Love This Rock:

Elevation Profile Of Today’s Fun Run:My Activities Meadows, Mathis, Car Wreck, Cave Rock 4-5-2012, Elevation - Distance

Satellite:My Activities Meadows, Mathis, Car Wreck, Cave Rock 4-5-2012