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Monday, April 9, 2012

Triple Park Run

This morning I walked to the bus stop at 5:30 AM, beneath dark skies with pepper spray in hand.  The bus as usual pulled up ON THE DIME.  I don’t know how they manage that, arriving at the bus stop exactly on time.   Being Monday morning, the bus was much more crowded than I’m used to.  All the more people-watching for me!  It’s especially interesting on the public bus.   Loved it.   There were a few cooks/chefs being dropped in front of resort hotels, one of them held a skateboard in his arms.  There were what we call “bag ladies,” retired people, and others on their way to early morning jobs.  The bus driver even stopped once and strolled out to use a gas station bathroom. 

About 45 minutes after boarding, I pulled the cord for my stop: Crystal Cove State Park.  My goal:  to run through three parks, Crystal Cove Park, Laguna Coast Wilderness, across Laguna Canyon and through Aliso/Wood Canyons Wilderness, and then onto the road for the last few miles to home.  

The trails were pretty empty on the north side of Laguna Canyon.  The weather was perfectly cool, the trails delightful.  The only big downside of today’s run was that as I finished up Aliso/Wood with a run down (yes down!! : ) Meadows Trail, an ache grabbed my left knee.  And with each step the pain increased.  Funny thing, when I stopped to walk, the pain disappeared.    Anyway, being that I was a little over 15 miles at the ranger station with a knee that didn’t want to run, and a runner (me) who didn’t want to make it worse for my race, I decided to call home for a ride. 

Felt good to get out for a run today, as I’ve taken time off from the run.  In addition to the knee however, I will report that I suffered again from the mental fatigue that I’ve been plagued with.  Regardless, beauty surrounded me throughout my 15.29 miles, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Scenes from The Run:

Running up No-Name Ridge (Crystal Cove):

Looking Back While Running No-Name:

Quick Pose on No-Name:

Looking Forward on No-Name:

Still More of No-Name to Conquer:

On Bommer Ridge On My Way To Willow Then Down Laurel Canyon:

Lovely Laurel Canyon:

Nearing Bottom Of Laurel Canyon, Where I Waited Ten Minutes For The Traffic To Clear Enough To Run Across The Highway:

Climbing Stairstep Trail Into Aliso/Wood Canyons:

Top Of The World (Once Again : )

Running Down Meadows:

My Activities Triple Park 4-9-2012

My Activities Triple Park 4-9-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. Love this. Crystal Cove is my favorite.

    1. Thanks Giraffy. I like Crystal Cove too. But it's a 44 mile round trip for me. And with gas prices, well . . . I don't make that my firt choice.

  2. Wow, so cool! I just read your previous posts for connecting these too. I didn't know you could connect like that... I gotta try that. What kind of maps do you have/use?

    1. Thanks Adam for stopping. At first I visited the websites for the parks and printed out their maps. Now I that I basically know the layouts, I use the signs posted in the parks and that works very well. If you need help connecting the parks, let me know. I will be happy to make suggestions. I'll say one thing first. There are two ways to cross and get into Aliso/Wood Cyns. 1) Is going straight up to Top of the World (Alta Laguna Park). You'll cross closer to PCH, but the climb is horrendous. On the good side, if you want to stop for lunch, or purchase a snack, you'll be "downtown," and can do so. The other way, is much easier, though it's still tough, and that is crossing closer to the El Toro Road. You'll end up on West Ridge and have a little bit of a climb if you're going to Top of the World. ps. If you have a "Smart" phone, it will help. I have a stupid phone, but a smart husband whom I have called on occasion to find me out of tough spots when I don't know where I am. : ) Have fun!

  3. What wonderful pictures. In the UK we just don't have the same ladnscape. This is breathtaking.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks "Small Fabric." I'm looking forward to seeing the UK landscape. I'm sure it varies greatly. My brother and his family is moving to the UK for THREE WHOLE YEARS, and I'm sure to see lots of pics.

  4. Awesome run and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing so much of your running life Lauren! I hope the knee is OK now. Maybe runner's knee?

    1. Thanks Johann. I really enjoy the trail and taking pictures of it. The knee is much better. I really should be foam rolling the IT band more, but I've been so busy. I really suspect it's an IT band issue, because I've had problems with it before. (I am wearing a knee brace now as I type this.) Thanks again! (ps. I will google "runners knee.")