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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nirvana versus Inferno

lanesRain ceased today.  In fact, we had blue skies with gigantic white puffy clouds.  Normally I would have run my 9.5 mile timed loop.  But instead, I swam.  I planned it all week. (Yup, back to “The Planner.”)

Good news, I finally found my purple speedo.  I had to pull my shorts drawer entirely out of the dresser, empty it and go through piece by piece, to locate my favorite workout suit.  I have 3 suits still – this after recently giving 3 to charity.  You can imagine my relief to find my best swim suit ever. 

Bad news, well, not really bad, more like average news – nah, more like normal news.  My swim workout was harder and not as much fun as last week.  (I say normal because sometimes I have workouts that are close to achieving nirvana, and others that are like a sinner  forever pushing that boulder up a mountain in Dante’s Inferno) greed Last week, I hardly tired.  I glided through the water, dare I say, euphorically.  This week, I felt worn out from the “get-go.”  And then, I KEPT LOSING COUNT.  I usually swim sets of 100 or 200 yards in my gym’s 25 yard pool.  Then because I can’t keep count, because my mind sometimes wanders (well, more than sometimes), every 500 yards I start over with my counting. 

I like to swim at least four of those 500 yards.  Today, I swam five, or 2,500 yards (2,286 meters which is a little less than 1.5 miles).  I actually probably swam more distance, because when I lost count, I didn’t give myself the benefit of the doubt.  Instead, I’d swim the extra 50 yards.

Rain is forecasted for tomorrow and Saturday.  Since tomorrow is a holiday, I have Friday slated for rest and the boys don’t know it yet, but we’re cleaning out the toy box!

And then I wait.  Will it rain for my 21k trail race on Saturday??? 

Stay tuned . . . I have already picked a target.  Of course I won’t tell him that I’m racing him (though it is a race).  Let’s see if he figures it out.  I bet he will. 


  1. Running elevates your soul. Swimming nourishes it. We should all return to the water once in a while. I did yesterday too.

  2. i've heard about using pennies to count your laps - i would definitely need to do something like that. i don't swim much, but i always lost count when i did. same w/ running around the track.

  3. Running definately elevates my soul. Nicely put Windnsnow! Funny that we both swam on the same day : )

  4. I haven't heard of pennies Lindsay! That's not a bad idea. I would probably go into fits running around the track (wait, I have a garmin!). My friend puts pebbles in his pockets and drops one out every time he completes a lap on the track.