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Thursday, February 10, 2011

So, SO, SO, SO Close (but yet so far)

Today I ran my 9.5 mile timed loop.  The race against myself.  To recap:  this is the loop --

My Activities Timed Loop 2-10-2011, Elevation - Distance

To additionally recap, my goal is two hours.  My best time before today was 2 hours 11 minutes.  In order to make goal, I figure I gotta make it to the top of Meadows Trail in ONE hour.  That’s at about the 5 mile mark on the elevation graph above.   Last week, I made the top of Meadows in 1 hour, 7 minutes.

I wasn’t sure how to improve getting to the top of Meadows.  Do I run like heck to the base, therefore tiring myself beforehand? Or do I conserve energy a bit so that I have more energy running up the beast?

I decided, run my a** off and try to make time on the easy parts.  I will say, that I got off to a slow start.  Needed to make a pit stop.  Then I had to retie both shoes, since I tied them too tight originally. 

I made great time on Wood Canyon.  By the time I reached Meadows’ climb, I was dead-dog-tired, and about a quarter of the way up, I started with that nasty negative talk.  “I’ll never do it!  I can’t, I can’t, I can’t . . . “

With that kind of talk, I’m surprised that I made it to the top of Meadows Trail three minutes faster than last week!


I ran across the Top of the World (most of it paved) a little sluggish, speeding up on the flat and downhill portions.  When I entered the park again at West Ridge Trail, my motto was “Run like the Wind, Bullseye!”

To my utter surprise, I made the outhouse at the bottom of Canyon Vistas Park in two hours!  With one tiny little hill to go, I told myself, just do it in FIVE minutes.  You can do it in FIVE MINUTES!!!  Thing was, I felt like falling flat on my face.  I had really run myself into the ground this time. 

But I was so close to smashing my record by several minutes.  Ends up I made my best time in this race against myself with 2 hours, 4 minutes.  I really couldn’t hope for anything better than a 7 minute improvement from last week.  I’m shocked.

The pressure’s on . . .

Now to spice things up a bit – I had such a blast looking through old team pictures last week, that I thought I’d post another one (30+ years old – not me, the picture, I’m much older) Smile

Another blast from the past.  This is one of the several softball teams that I played for in my youth.  The Flintstones from 1980, the Bobbi Sox league.  I played in two leagues, the other was Little Miss, where we wore those skirt-like shorts and no sliding allowed, stealing home, or even leading-off.  Bobbi Sox was tough – sliding allowed, leading off and stealing home too!  I slid maybe once.  And I don’t recall ever being asked to steal a base (I was too slow : )  My Dad is in the picture too, and I was so, so young, but I’m sure with that youth, I could have never run today’s loop anywhere close to 2 hours 4 minutes!

Thanks for reading. Smile



  1. Well done! Pushing yourself like that when you run on your own is awesome. Only 4 minutes to go...

  2. Great job, a return on that speedwork you did!

  3. Feels good, I bet...Nicely done.

  4. Thanks Johann. It really is hard for me to push myself when I'm running by myself. Sure is good to see results.

  5. Thanks Stuart. As hellish as speed work is for me, I have to admit, even my amateur attempts have made a big impact!

  6. It sure does feel good, Windnsnow. Thanks! I feel really lucky to be doing this during this time of my life.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Andrew! One of these days I'm going to make a collage of all the pictures I call "Waiting for Lauren." Because one of these days I will be able to keep up with the pack. : )))

  8. Well, Trail Jogger, I certainly didn't think I'd have a 7 min. improvement from last week. Thanks! Now I'm a little afraid to run it again next week. Like I mentioned, the pressure's on.

    Good luck with your training!

  9. Hey, thanks for the comment on my posting the other day. Someone actually DOES read it! Makes it even more fun. Now, as for your latest adventure, HOLY CRAP that's a hill. I consider 1000 feet in a mile a steep hiking trail back here in the vertical trail east. You ran up 700 feet in a mile - you go! If I ever get to So. California I've got to find that trail!

  10. congrats on the loop pr! the celebratory pic is cute :) the old school pic is funny - i like how you are all wearing jeans with your jerseys.

  11. Thanks for reading Gary! Yes, Meadows Trail is a BEAR. I actually hate it. But at least now, I don't suffer anxiety as I approach. And another good thing, it's a switch-back, which for some reason makes it a little easier for me psychologically. We've got lots steeper in So. California, so let me know if you ever make it out, and I will give you a list : )

  12. Thanks Lindsay. I'm afraid to run my timed loop now. I don't think I can improve on my time at this point, and I don't want to go backwards.

    That jeans thing was a bit odd. I wonder if they still wear jeans in that league. We did wear knee pads while running the bases (as if I ever needed them : )