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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Timed Loop (beat by ONE minute)

The time had come to get out to Aliso / Wood Canyons for my 9.5 mile timed loop.  It’s my “regular” timed loop (regular, as in this is my 4th time), down Wood Canyon, up Meadows Trail (yikes!), across Top of the World to West Ridge, down Cholla Trail and up through Canyon Vistas Park to my car. 

My first timed loop, (early December) I ran it in 2:24.  The next timed loop brought big improvements with 2:12.  After that, I ran it in 2:13.   And then today finally, I beat my time with 2:11. 

With about 1,400 feet elevation gain, I figure the only way I can make this loop in two hours is to make it to the top of Meadows Trail (Top of the World) in one hour.  I thought I had a chance today.  But with so many of the shrubbery washed away, I wasn’t quite sure where I was in the ascent and ended up topping off Meadows in 1:07 (which isn’t too bad).  That wiped me out so much, that  I lost time later, reaching Cholla trail (my last descent) in 121 minutes – one minute later than last week.  But I made up that minute, plus another crossing the imaginary finish line, my clothing and skin crusted in salt.

I was happy that I came in one minute better than my best.  I would have liked more.  I told my husband, it was kind of like losing 1 pound.  You don’t really know if it’s just water weight.  He responded, “It’s better than gaining one pound.” 

That is true . . . that is true.  If I can beat my time by 1 minute every week.  I’ll have that 2 hour goal in 11 weeks.  I can deal with that.  (Now if I could just drop 1 pound also a week for those 11 weeks)  Smile

Top of Meadows Trail (Top of the World) overlooking Laguna Beach and the Pacific Ocean


Elevation Profile



  1. Congratulations on the one minute - I agree, better than gaining a pound!

  2. Thanks Green Girl! This is one tough loop for sure (for me that is). I certainly couldn't do it in my twenties (or my thirties, as I was with child 3 times during that decade). Now that I'm in my forties, tough loops like these are a great escape from the trials and tribulations of California's economy (I'm not preaching, just saying, during tough times, tough runs do the soul wonders). Have a great week!

  3. Way to go! That's a good way to measure fitness improvement. Keep at it and you might break 2 hours someday!

  4. Thanks Trail Jogger. Slowly, but surely I'm finally feeling some results (that is after an initial improvement right away, then I started feeling weaker for a while!!).