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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Run That Wasn’t

This morning I figured was my last chance for a long run before my 50k in approximately 2 weeks.  I planned on 22 miles with 5,000+ elevation.  I went to bed early.  I woke early, 5:00 AM, and it was oh so cold.  The gas wall heaters blowing full blast, I shivered on the couch in front of my computer with a cup of coffee in my hands.  Three layers I wore, and still I couldn’t get myself to walk out that front door.  It was too cold.  And it was still dark.

My husband brought the trash bins out to the curb about 6 AM, and he said, “It’s not dark – it’s a beautiful time, twilight.  You’re the dawn patrol.”  He also reported that it was probably 40 degrees or more outside. 

Okay, I thought, I can deal with 40 degrees F.  Eventually, I dragged  myself out to the truck – dragged, not because I dreaded the run – I greatly looked forward to my run.  Dragged because I’m a mild weather type of gal.  Though I may enjoy extreme running.  I consider extreme weather anything below freezing and above 80F.   

Well, first off, it was still dark.  A bright moon shined brightly in the midnight blue skies, AND it was NO FORTY DEGREES.   I drove off with the car heater blowing full blast.  The waters in the street gutters were frozen.   Ah, I think it was a bit colder than 40.

When I arrived to Aliso / Wood Canyons I found it CLOSED due to “Wet and Muddy Conditions.”  I drove on along the upper road, hoping to find a ranger to question.  Much to my surprise, ice ran along the center of the lane.  Okay.  This is Southern California, COASTAL California.  We don’t have ice on the roads!

Finding no ranger, I parked my car, hopped the fence and walked about, thinking, if no one’s here I can still run the park, and if I can find a ranger, maybe he/she will tell me they’re just about to open up.

I twisted the door handle at the ranger station.  Locked.  I knocked.  No answer.  But I could see a light on inside.  I knocked again, then turned away in dismay.  I was so ready for this last run.

Finally, a ranger opened the door as I walked down the ramp, only to report the sad news that my park would not open today.  I needed (wanted) technical elevation today.  A road run wasn’t going to do.  So I drove home, snuck back in, changed my shoes and off to the gym I went.  I stayed there for two plus hours.

I must say, that I never really warmed up all day.  But I am learning to “roll with the punches” and accept the times when my plans do not fall as intended.

On a good note, even while contemplating cartwheels, I did manage to get one small corner of my ridiculously messy office cleaned out this weekend.  You might be thinking, “this is clean?”  Indeed it is.  I wouldn’t dare show a before picture.  Wouldn’t dare.


Miles logged:  0 Sad smile


  1. I know how you feel. Not that there is any technical elevation or anything ever closed here, but about the cold stuff.

  2. Thanks Green Girl. I probably needed the rest. Also, good lesson for me to keep learning "things don't always go as planned." I'm finally getting used to that : )

  3. Thanks for stopping by Windnsnow. I feel like such a baby when I complain about cold. You would probably call it pretty warm here. Local trails closing here is such a bummer. I think it's a California thing : (