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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The aftermath of any big run or running challenge is always significant for me.  When my hundred mile week ended, I was elated, truly elated.  Then that same day, I was saddened that the whole thing was over – not just the running (though I LOVED the running), but also the racing around trying to fit runs in during my busy schedule and the challenge of doing this all when I was sicker and growing sicker.  I actually liked the fact that I lost my voice – it was like a battle wound.

That kind of stuff makes me feel alive.

About 36 hours after I finished the 100 miles, depression set in and I could feel aches in both IT bands.  I told my family I would wait three days before I ran again.  Sunday, we celebrated Easter.  Monday, I did my chores, worked, etc.  Tuesday, I felt a whole lot better illness-wise.  And so I set off to the gym for a two hour workout.  Hubby said, “Wait, you said THREE days!”  I responded, “3 days no RUNNING.” 

I felt great after my gym workout, ecstatic in fact.  And then BOOM!  I was sick again. 

It hurts to swallow.  I toss and turn all night. My cough is deep.  And when I see runners on the street, I’m jealous.  Jealous.  I’m 46 years old, and I’m JEALOUS when I see people running.  I’m not jealous when I see people driving Mercedes (I don’t even own a car).  I’m not jealous when I see jeweled fingers or by women who wear a different outfit every day.  I’m not even jealous of slim trim ladies.  I’m jealous when I see people running.  And sadly, though while I was experiencing my 100 mile celebration, I loved it, now I feel the same ole weakness I’ve always felt.


  1. Nothing weak there my friend! You are extremely tough. Getting a cold or flu after pushing miles like that is pretty normal. Give yourself some time and rest well. Use the time to plan the next goal. Take care!

  2. If your body wants recovery, it'll get its recovery - as Johann says, use the time to plan your next adventure!

  3. I'm jealous when I see slim, trim, bejeweled runners getting into Mercedes, or even fancy Fords...still we each choose our paths. The greatest thing for those I live with (they told me!) when I finished Ironman was that I had no excuses, no training to get in the way with family LEISURE time. Not chores (I did all that stuff during training), but just hanging out doing nothing in particular and being spontaneous with the family. This builds great equity that you can draw upon for your next challenge.
    Rest up, the trail is long.

  4. I am jealous of those people and places in the pictures of the running magazines. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Thanks Johann -- saw the dr. today and says I've got bronchitis that antibiotics will help. I've got the heavy duty kind, only 8 pills. I hope to be running soon.

    ps. I haven't yet mailed the the honey gels because of my sickness. I plan to be well over the weekend, so I will mail early next week.

  6. Kovas -- I hate that about the body! Why won't it do what I say???

  7. L.O.L. Windnsnow. I see lots of "slim, trim, bejeweled runners getting into Mercedes, or even fancy Fords" in The O.C. You are so right about leisure time though -- that's something I have to work on and learn to appreciate. I have been getting more than usual cuddletime with my kindergartner though (heaven).

  8. Thanks Jeremy. I try not to look through too many magazines like that, because I get a little jealous too. I'm especially jealous of those front runners who RUN up trails like Horsetheif or Holy Jim. I'm running Malibu Creek next week, and I'm gonna be super jealous of those who run up Bulldog (3.4 miles of up, up, up!) I hear some people do it (of course I never see them : )