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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Strength Granted / 100 Week Goal Hit

Day Seven 100 Mile Week Celebration/Challenge: 100.09 Miles Run

My husband thought it was all over for me on Thursday.  He said I ought to say, “Ah . . . I meant 100 Km!”

Friday night I said to him, with a whisper of a voice (because I lost it somewhere on my runs), “If I don’t improve vastly overnight, I don’t know how I’m gonna make it tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow” was Saturday, today, the 7th day of my 100 mile week celebration/challenge.  I went to bed early, with another “shot” of severe cough and cold medicine.  I slept pretty good until midnight when I woke with a coughing fit.  After chewing a cherry-honey Ricola, I fell promptly back to sleep, then experienced wild dreams of a lunatic trying to kill me.  He succeeded, then I’d play the story over and over again, trying new things so that he couldn’t succeed in killing me again.  But each time I changed my moves, so did he.  I remember climbing up crazy-high fire escapes and riding falling elevators.  Not fun. 

6:00 AM arrived, and I woke out of habit (I set my alarm for 6:30).  Thankfully, my throat no longer ached.  After two cups of coffee, I foam rolled my IT band, calves and hips.  Then at 7:30 AM, I ran out the front door for the last segment of my 100 miles to celebrate Holy Week.

CIMG9889I will try and make a very long story short(ish).  I began this run on an uphill which was very tough.  I felt weak.  Reaching the top of the hill was a great relief as I made my way down to complete the first leg of this run.  Great relief does not exactly equate to “fun.”  I still felt overly fatigued.  Then while listening to Eminem on my ipod (I know some of you laugh), he sang the words, “Lord grant me the strength . . . “  And I thought, “Man!  What Am I doing?  Those should be my words.”  And so I chanted those same words until my tiredness departed and I began to enjoy this lovely morning and the feeling of triumph, as I finished off my 100 miles.

I told myself “Your’re only running  4 sets of a little less than 4 miles.”  I didn’t plan out each segment in advance, instead I decided as I ran, and promised myself not to look at mileage until I reached the end of a “segment.”  Last thing I wanted was to stress over mileage.  I really wanted to enjoy this run on such a glorious and beautiful day.

After that first downhill, I ran a straightaway, then down some more to the beaches at the northern end of town – Monarch, Salt Creek and Dana Strands.  By the time I made my way to the surf, I felt normal – like I hadn’t pushed myself to the limits this past week. 

Segment 1 was probably the longest, but by far, the most enjoyable.  I ran along wet sand, visited tide pools.  The mood on the beaches was festive with surfers, walkers, runners and sun tanners all enjoying the early morning sun.

Running down into Salt Creek/Monarch BeachCIMG9892

Running Dana StrandsCIMG9897CIMG9903CIMG9909CIMG9916

Leg 2 included the upper portion of my town, “The Headlands,” which meant a nice climb back UP.  But climbing up also meant trails, lovely trails.  I ran them for a couple miles, stopping once to take off my long sleeves and empty my shoes of sand.

View looking back at Monarch Beach, Salt Creek & The Strands  CIMG9922

Running Headlands, Overlooking Marina & Island (Island is Leg 3)CIMG9925

Sculpture of Richard Henry Dana, Jr.  (Author of Two Years Before the Mast) throwing cowhides off the cliff down to The Pilgrim well before the marina existed (1830s)CIMG9934

Running Down Into Leg 3 – The Marina IslandCIMG9941

I felt great during leg 3.  People roamed the island, squirrels scampered about as pigeons excited little children who exclaimed “Look at that pretty bird.”  (How wonderful to think of pigeons as pretty birds rather than annoying pests who try to steal your picnic food).  Outriggers rowed the calm waters inside the jetty.  Windsurfers paddled against slight winds.  Party goers decorated gazebos for birthdays and pre-Easter celebrations – a true delight. 

A View From Island (Headlands In Background, From Whence I Came)CIMG9947

Sculpture Of Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Greeting Incomers To Marina IslandCIMG9949

Leg 4 of my run to end Holy week went relatively quickly, though I found it difficult not to stare down the garmin.  I was tired somewhat, but making sure I didn’t drag my feet (by listening closely to my step), I was able to keep decent form, which meant for an enjoyable end. 

Though a car nearly plowed into me during Leg 4 (and it wasn’t my fault, it was his – a lot of good “fault” does if he hit me), I didn’t lose spirit.  I ran along the marina, through the wharf, then the main road.  I ended my lowlands run through Doheny Beach and on the bridge then over San Juan Creek, or actually the estuary, as it is where the river meets the ocean.  And then I ran back up Highway One home.  I chose (on purpose) the least grade back.  And since that climb was gradual, it was enjoyable.  And as I ran up the driveway of my home, I heard my middle son yell out with glee from the living room, “ONE HUNDRED MILES!”  What a pleasure that was!

Happy Easter.

Miles Logged today:  15.32


  1. Wow, congratulations! You did it - you are incredible.

    And what a beautiful way to finish the 100 off.

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great day to finish off your challenge. The pictures look beautiful. Oh, skinnyrunner dot com posted about running the trails you run recently.

  3. You did it!! Congratulations!!! Gorgeous pictures!!

  4. You should be very proud... that's quite an accomplishment!

  5. WOW!!! Congrats!! Such an accomplishment and doing it while being sick is even more amazing.

  6. The journey of a 100 miles ends with a single step.
    Well done! You can do this, you can do anything.

  7. Thanks for following Green Girl. It was really a beautiful way to end this challenge. I felt blessed at the time.

  8. Thanks Whitney! I wish the pics could justice to the actual beauty. I checked out skinnerrunner dot com -- what a delight to see someone else mention Top of the World in their blog. Thanks for the info.

  9. Thanks Kate! I appreciate you reading my blog. Did you make Peter's Cyn? I so wanted to go, but I just didn't have the time to fit in my miles so far away from my home.

    Happy running! Someday we shall met on the trails. Good luck with everything -- you are one busy lady!

  10. Thanks Stacy (aka Ultraprincess). My celebration/challenge was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I surely appreciate you readers! The fact that I said I'd do it in a blogpost really kept me truckin' on : )

  11. Thanks to you too Rachel -- you are so sweet to comment. Being sick was hard, but oddly, it also pushed me more. We too shall pass on the trails some day too, I'm sure. (Actually, I'm pretty sure we already have, just didn't recognize ea. other). Hope all is well with you!!

  12. Windnsnow, I so appreciate your comments. I wish I shared your optimism, fortune cookie/Yoda attitude. May the Force be with you!!

  13. Well done Lauren, this is awesome! You did it and you pushed through so well! You are a true inspiration for me to do more and not whine about it. You are obviously totally crazy as well but that’s fine with me!:)

  14. Amazing. What a story of mental toughness. Congratulations Lauren.

  15. Thanks Glenn. When I look back it seems like a dream -- I really loved it. But it tore me up!

  16. Thanks Johann. I always wanted to be crazy! : )