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Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m Back (Kinda)

I visited the doctor Thursday and was happy that I didn’t have pneumonia.  And, he informed me that my bronchitis could be treated with antibiotics.  I happily took my prescription for only 8 pills to the pharmacy.  Then I chocked at the $140 bill  -- that’s with insurance.  Mighty expensive pill -- $17.50 a piece.  I guess my doctor took me very seriously when I said I WANNA RUN!  These are some strong antibiotics.  One dose knocked back my cough tremendously and put those body aches to bed. 

And so, even though I still coughed this morning, when my husband said that he had a meeting in Laguna Beach and asked if I’d like him to drop me off at Top of the World.  I didn’t think twice.

Heck Yes!

I’m not completely well.  I feel a whole lot better.  And with the cost of those pills, I felt protected. LOL.

Lily at Top of the WorldCIMG9952

CIMG9956I’ve never begun my run at Top of the World.  I looked forward to the change and the downhill start.  The skies were blue, the breeze cool.  And I was smiling.  I didn’t see many runners.  But I saw a total of 3 snakes.  The first snake was a garter snake in Wood Canyon.   The second snake was a rattler also on Wood Canyon Trail – it slithered so quickly across the road that it practically flipped across the trail.  I raced up to it, but only caught a picture of its tail end as it slithered into the brush.  The third snake was also a rattler.  This one was on West Ridge on my run back up.  Again, I only caught its tail end as it left the trail.

Garter SnakeCIMG9970

As I raced up to the first rattler, I caught up with a shirtless man I’ve seen at Aliso/Wood Canyons  time and time again (it seems for years!).  He’s pretty much always there putting in countless miles on the trails.  Today, we had a nice long conversation together (maybe 1 whole mile’s worth) and I learned he is an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter training for a Vegas fight Memorial Day weekend.  I’m looking forward to watching him on Spike T.V. (You wouldn’t believe what the purse is if I told you – I was absolutely amazed to learn).  He goes by the name ARod (like the baseball player) and he’s sure got stamina.  I don’t know though how stamina helps your body to take a beating like those “ultimate fighters” do.  But wait, why did I put that in the negative?  The stamina I’m sure, helps you to keep on pounding your opponent even when your dead-dog-tired.

It’s not like me to strike up long conversations with a “stranger” on the trail.  (I do however, strike up long conversations with riders on a bus : ) But Arod’s not really a stranger, and I was just so happy to be out there running trails again – I wanted to know why everyone was out there.  Most of the other people that I saw today were mountain bikers, which of course are difficult to strike up conversations with (since they’re usually travelling faster than me) – still I spoke with a few (and they probably thought who is that crazy, giddy lady?)

Today’s Elevation Profile:

My Activities Aliso Woods - Back on Track 4-29-2011, Elevation - Distance

One Picture From Each Of The Trails I Ran Today:

Park Avenue Nature TrailCIMG9957

West RidgeCIMG9959

Cholla TrailCIMG9962

Wood Canyon TrailCIMG9966

Dripping Cave TrailCIMG9979

Mathis Trail


Oak Grove TrailCIMG9985

Car Wreck TrailCIMG9988

Miles logged today, my first day back after the 100 Mile Week: 7.55

I could sit in this Cave (Dripping Cave AKA Robber’s Cave) all day long.

Enjoy your run! 



  1. Glad you are feeling better! Nice pictures as always. Are you still doing the Chi Running? If so, how has your running changed?

  2. Beautiful pictures! I guess we shouldn't be running with iPods on the single tracks. The rattlers seem to be out in full force!

  3. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Your doc really pulled out the big guns!! That place is SO beautiful. I have GOT to get out there. For sure next Friday - I just hope it is open. :)

  4. Thanks Tom! Yes I am still doing Chi Running (or rather trying to perfect it). My running has changed in that I can pick up my pace on moderate uphills. I trip way less -- I practically don't trip at all. And the most significant change is my body puts in much less effort running -- it's like I don't have to warm up, I just kind of lean and go (that's not to say I don't get tired, but I recover very quickly and I tire much less : )

  5. Thanks Kate -- the only reason it won't be open is if it rains pretty heavily the day of or the day before. Have fun!

  6. Thanks Glenn! I just can't give up single tracks or my ipod (though I am keeping it turned down low low :)