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Monday, May 2, 2011

Twofer Monday

CIMG0018Today had to be the hottest day all year (here in The O.C. – I shouldn’t be so Cali-Centric : ).  Since I couldn’t get out to the trails until 10:15 AM, I endured.  I HAPPILY endured.

The grass is turning brown in Aliso Canyon.  But spring flowers still spot the hillsides.  Soon caterpillars will inch across the trails.

My main focus today was form.  Form, form, form.  Yes, I’m still working on Chi-Running.  And though I’ve improved much, I still don’t have the strength (core-strength) to keep this form up during an entire run like today’s (especially when I’m tired).  But I will say with this new form, I did not trip once!  And listening closely to my step, I noticed that only put on the breaks once.  Big accomplishments. 

Originally I planned an out-and-back through Wood Canyon.  But it got so DANG HOT, that I decided on a detour on the “back” portion (with some climbing but lots of shade!) through the fantasy trail, Wood Creek Trail.   

Climbing up Wood Creek Trail (Wood Canyon below)CIMG0023

One of the “Bridges” on Wood Creek TrailCIMG0033

Running above creek on Wood Creek Trail CIMG0035

Wood Creek Trail Canopy (Oh, that glorious shade!)CIMG0039

In all, my first run for today equaled 9.18 miles.  I didn’t see a single snake.  Though I did spy a snake trail, a road runner, plenty of quail and bunnies.  Hubby was late picking me up – I enjoyed the time talking to 2 delightful hikers on their first time in Aliso Wood Canyons.  They were headed to Dripping Cave.  Excellent Choice!  I might note they were well equipped with plenty of water.  I drank my entire 64 fluid ounces on my run.  Surprisingly, I saw plenty of other hikers on their way in carrying a single water bottle.  Yikes!  I couldn’t do it.

Then this evening I decided to run home from work.  Why?  Well, the main reason was that I just wanted to see what the mileage equaled.  Secondly, we only have one car at the moment (surprise, surprise!), so I thought I’d give my family a break in picking me up. 

I slipped on my running shoes before the last student left.  Then when he checked out, I rushed for restroom to change and locked my dress and heels up in my desk. 

Heading out for run home (I do believe this is the first time I’ve worn lipstick on a run – LOL)CIMG0040

Well, it was hot as hell this evening at the base of the mountains where I took off.  Fortunately, I decided to pack my hydration pack for the run.  I spent much wasted time untangling my earphones.  On the good side, I gave a couple walking their wheelchair bound child a good laugh when they got a look at the knot I was trying to untangle.  And though my spirits plummeted quickly on this run home, I insisted on proper form and tried to keep up my pace. Why did my spirits plummet you might ask?  Well first off – the heat, secondly, something’s going on with my left knee, and thirdly I was tired, plain ole tired.  (I think I mentioned before, I AM NOT AN AFTERNOON OR EVENING RUNNER – but I was today Smile )

Heading out the fence at back of parking lot for short-cut to river walk.  CIMG0042

Crossing over San Juan CreekCIMG0045

By the time I reached the river walk I could relish that cool ocean breeze.  And I ran it on home, with the sun setting, happily, joyfully, but not quite playfully.

Mileage for run two:  6.41

Total Miles logged today:  15.59

Hope your run or whatever adventure you chose today was just as fun as mine in this hot, hot heat.

Thanks for reading!  I appreciate your comments, especially your suggestions. 


  1. Great runs but take it easy! You really don't need an injury now. The photos from the first run reminds me of some of my favorite trails around here. I can't wait for my trail season to start after Comrades. Take care of that knee.

  2. Tangled ear buds are the worst! Seems like I am untangling them every time I use them. Lets try to get up to Saddleback this month.

  3. 15 miles in a day is unbelievable! I brag for a week if I manage 13 miles at once!
    Way to go! Just be careful and keep an eye on your knee.

  4. Wow! What a twofer! 15 miles! I hate when I earphones get tangled! It is almost my biggest pet peave. Somehow I ended up with earphone that have material wrapped around the cords (have you seen those?) - they tangle more than the regular rubbery kind.. not to mention they begin to smell after you sweat on them a lot (TMI) probably but BEWARE.

    Maybe you should take it easy for a bit and see whats going on with the knee :S

  5. Thanks Johann. Taking care of the knee. And I took your advice tonight. I didn't run. I was just too tired. Usually, I push myself through it. Tonight, I said to myself, your body is telling you to REST. : )

  6. Every single run, Jeremy, I have to untangle my earbuds! Saddleback definately this month! I have one planned for week 2, but no one wants to go : ( How about week 3 (Sundays right now are best)? How many miles u looking for. I definately want to go up Holy Jim (without crying, kidding)

  7. Thanks for reading Jessie! You are so right about the knee -- big problem area for runners. I am definately taking care. You take care too and enjoy your 13 mile runs -- that is very impressive as well.

  8. Thanks for stopping by Kate. I haven't seen those kind of earphones. I will definately beware. It's not like you can wash them. But my oldest son has these cool contraptions that wind the cords up neatly. I should rummage through the boys' room and find one. I see them all over their room -- but watch, I won't be able to find a single one tomorrow : )

    I actually cancelled a run today to rest up : )