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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Running to a Different Tune

Two rainy days in a row kept this woman in the gym during her free time.  You might think she would work on her novel, perhaps journal, play the piano, maybe just tune her guitar, strum a couple chords, or even finish one thing from a huge list of unfinished projects (a needlepoint pillow that’s almost, almost finished or “God Forbid” continue that search for a literary agent).

But I just can’t! I have other things to do, lunches to make, clothes to clean some to iron, dishes to wash, toilets to clean, students to teach, family to hug, a son to help double-knot his the shoes, another to listen as he talks incessantly (about interesting things I might add) and another I need to “walk on eggshells” for,  AND of course, the ultimate truth:  I am utterly obsessed.  I am utterly obsessed with strength.  I am obsessed with sweat.  So, if I’m not out there enjoying a run (& hubby’s working and the boys are in school), I feel the constant urge to strengthen, strengthen, strengthen so that I continue to enjoy the run. 

Perhaps this is a mid-life crises. I really don’t think so. I feel no need for a “cool” car.  I don’t need to wear the latest clothing trends.  Thing is, I’m probably past mid-age, unless of course I live past 92 (which could happen : ).

With only one lovely child remaining to drop at school this morning, I checked the website for Aliso/Wood Canyons and yelped out loud.  I added to that, a loud applause.  Then I ran to hubby and asked if I could use the car – Aliso/Wood is open!  It’s open!! Smile

I was so dang giddy that I lost one of my earphone buds.  I neglected to put on Glide.  Despite the burns on my arms left by the seams on my sleeves, this morning’s run was delightful.

Using my husband’s ipod (story too long to tell), I ran to music I haven’t listened to in years.  I mean YEARS. I listened to Creedance, Pink Floyd, Stevie Nicks, even The Who.  Usually I can’t take The Who – they are just too much for me.  Some of you may know what I mean.  Some of you may say, the Who?

As I ran listening to this music, I remembered staying up late, late at night as a child, past midnight on Fridays to watch Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert(Does anyone remember that show?).  I felt awakened so many times watching that show.  I remember guitarists maneuvering across the stage like I had never imagined.  I saw women rock n’ roll like I didn’t think was possible.

Anyway, before I continue on with today’s photo shoot.  Does anyone remember the line “I’ve got a Cobra snake for a necktie.”?  If you do, comment and let me know the song and who sang it.  If you do, I’ll send the first correct answer a small prize.

About 1 mile in on Aliso Creek Trail / Nice cool breeze, no other runners in sight.CIMG9663

The colors are changing on Aliso Creek Trail – still a beautyCIMG9666

Sign at end of Wood Canyon Trail (Yikes!)  Read carefully, it says that mountain lions . . . are known to attack without warning.  Hmmmm.  Wouldn’t that be obvious, I mean, they are cats.  (Don’t mean to make light of any mountain lion attacks, I’m a bit scared myself).CIMG9674

Wood Creek Trail – yes, spring is still in the air, and in the flora.CIMG9681

More Wood Creek Trail (really can’t get enough of this tiny trail) – it was overgrown and filled with spiderwebs this morning (lovely, seriously – loved it).  Surprisingly, there were no mushrooms among the ferns.  Perhaps that’s for another season.  (Note:  after a re-look, this is the “ending” of Wood Creek, looking back, and the beginning of Coyote Run Trail – Oops) CIMG9685

Coyote Trail Run – as I’ve mentioned before, a mystical, seemingly magical trail.  I encountered two mountain bikers on this trail.CIMG9688

More Coyote Run Trail (notice the moss covered rocks in left foreground.)  Those of you familiar with this trail might wonder, how can this picture be – the creek should be on the left.  I turned around a took a picture from where I came from (not travelling forward in picture)CIMG9692

9.31 glorious miles run today.  Can’t wait for next time.  But I’d better get to bed.

ps.  only one snake spotted today Sad smile It was a baby, but don’t think a rattler, though it had similar coloring (just didn’t notice any rattles at tail end).


  1. Those pics are so amazing - I really like the 1st and 2nd ones! Spring is here!! I still have lots to explore in there! I need to go back.

    I agree with you that a mountain lion will probably just run up and start biting.. I don't know how they might give one a warning. :S

    I got the answer to you question but only because I cheated and looked it up online. I have never heard of that song before but when I was playing it on you tube my hamster really seemed to like it and the usually very lethargic thing started running around and getting quite frisky!

  2. Obsessed hey...good for you! Not always so good to the poor people around us but they must toughen up. We don't have mountain lions and luckily the African lions don't roam free where I run. That would be not so cool. We do have leopard in some areas I run. Like you say, just be careful. Have a good weekend! When it comes to music I'm not the one to ask anything.

  3. Mid-life crisis or not, I think this is a good obsessed - a healthy option, for sure!

  4. Definitely jealous of this run!
    What does your shirt say, by the way?

  5. Looking an answer up on the internet is not cheating Kate : ) You can still win.

    Yes, Aliso/Wood Canyons is really lovely. It is so convenient for me, that I can't count how many times I've run there. Too bad they don't hire guides : )) I'd apply.

  6. Leopards -- yikes Johann. People think I'm crazy to run trails with rattlesnakes. Seriously, I feel much better when I learn about the animal, its habits, etc. I used to be terrified about cougars (mountain lions), now that I have a game plan, and I know how rare attacks on adults are, I feel much better (but still won't run those mountain trails alone : (

  7. Thanks Green Girl -- I think it is a healthy (or healthier) obsession. : )

  8. Thanks Jessie. I am very fortunate to have these trails so close by, and very lucky also for having people to teach me the routes and show me how to run them.

    The shirt says "Will Run for Wine." : )