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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Injured I Say!

I’m pretty sure I got this knee thing figured out.  Actually it was both knees at the end of my hundred mile week (the outside of my knees).  I kept it secret because 1) I so wanted an injury-free 2011 and 2) I didn’t want to get any flack about running. 

It is definitely an IT band thing, and I wouldn’t really call it an injuryTherefore, I’m still calling this an “injury-free 2011”.  The right knee is perfect now, but the left knee was pretty tight and swollen for a while there.  I’ve been stretching (a stretch I always do, but making sure to stretch it nice a long).  I’ve been icing.  Though I tend to lean more toward heat for injuries – oops did I say injuries?  I meant muscle tightness and swelling.  Anyway, I find it much more convenient to ice since I have an icepack with velcro straps and I can walk around while icing.  With the heating pad however, I must stay in one place.  The action that has made the most difference in my knee is foam rolling.  I admit I’ve been slacking on the foam rolling WHEN I KNOW BETTER.  The past couple days I’ve been rolling whenever I can, and I put no weight on the ground except my forearm.  For you foam rollers out there, you know that this means I’ve got good concentrated heavy rolling going on.About to run into wilderness park

And thus, my left knee has VASTLY improved. 

And thus, I went for a run this hot, hot morning.  Just guessing here, but it had to be at least 85F at 10:30 this morning! 

My goal for today’s run was again form.  I’m unsure when to start working on speed again.  I feel I should wait until my new Chi-form is near-perfected.  What do you think?

Again I ran Wood Canyon in Aliso/Wood Canyons Park.  This time I decided to do a bit of climbing.  I didn’t have much time, so I chose to start on a downhill through Wood Canyon then hop up onto that magical trail, Wood Creek, for a dose of shade.  I continued on for a bit more shade on Coyote Run Trail until I hit Rock-It, which I took to West Ridge and ran on up to Top of the World.  I chose Rock-It because the climb is 1.25 miles.  It’s not as steep as Meadows Trail.  But the climbing portion on Meadows is a little less than a mile. 

Well, I’ll tell you!!  The climb in that heat seemed NEVER-ENDING.

Just beginning my run up Rock-ItCIMG0061

And the climbing continues . . . CIMG0066

And at the bend in the road, more climbing . . .CIMG0069

And at the next bend, EVEN MORE climbing . . .CIMG0071

Finally at the top of Rock-It (And yes, I did run the whole way – so I can’t be injured Smile)CIMG0077

Yet another trip to Top of the WorldCIMG0081

7.86 Miles run today.

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  1. That’s a tough climb for sure, well done! The photos are really nice. I’m glad to hear you can run and there are no injuries. Take care of the ITB’s anyway. We have to look after those all the time and it seems you are on top of it.

  2. Thanks Johann. I foam roll now every time I think of it. I do believe I've got the ITB problem just about kicked!