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Monday, May 9, 2011

When the Party’s Over

Sunday I rested.  Monday, today, it was back to a busy schedule.  And I felt down.  The race is over.  The instant it ends, I’m happy.  A couple days later though, I’m sad about it all ending.  I relive the race again and again in my head.  And I feel like I have nothing to look forward to training-wise.  Especially now.  I have only 2 more races planned for this year.  And they aren’t until October and September. 

This morning I found myself scouring the internet for trail races.  I had to stop myself.  No! I said.  Just run and have some fun.  Work on getting strong.  It’s time to take a rest from races.

And so I went to the gym, worked on strength training and then swam some laps.  It was so, so, so anti-climatic. 

I went to work fatigued.  But I packed along my running gear.  And after the last student left, I picked a corner of the classroom where I could change without being seen.  Then I took off running in the cool breeze all the way home.  The run didn’t make me feel any better overall.  But I sure enjoyed just running and not caring about a thing.

ps.  In all fairness, I must put some blame on my depression on the fact that someone got a hold of my debit card number and emptied out our checking account over the weekend!   The bank is returning the money, but it will take 3 to 5 days. 

Miles run today: 6.4

Running HomeCIMG0142

After running along San Juan Creek, I always enjoy running this bridge over Trabuco Creek to get to the river walk (“bike trail)”CIMG0154


  1. I'm sure you can throw in a rec or two before October...? I will die a slow death if I only run so few races. That said, some relaxing and fun on the trails will do you good. I love that photo at the bridge. Sorry to hear about the money, that really sucks.

  2. You're definitely justified in being bummed out!
    I'm glad you're getting your money back, though.
    Hang in there, girl!

  3. Urgh, that really sucks. I just had to cancel my credit card a couple of weeks ago because of fraudulent charges so I can understand your frustration. ::hugs::

  4. With your hectic schedule, I don't think a little more rest would hurt you one bit!

    Hey, I ride my bike across that bridge on my way to and from work in San Clemente!

  5. People suck! Its not a trail race but Jodeen and I just signed up for the Laguna Hills half on Memorial day.

  6. Johann, I most likely will throw in a race or 2. Thing is I'm purely trail nowadays. And those are hard to find. The money thing really sucked, because I took it personal. But in reality, the thieves never even saw my face. All is good now, money is recovered. Worst part is I may have to testify in court. did you receive my shipment yet?

  7. Thanks for reading Jessie. I REALLY appreciate reading comments like yours.

  8. Green Girl: Frustration big, but so glad to run. Thanks so much for your support. Hope to see you in person some day. Still practicing the Chi-running, but I don't have it down perfectly yet, though much improvement.

  9. Tom! Yours was one of the comments deleted by blogspot when they went "down." So funny that we cross the same bridge. Definately not at the same time, because if anybody, I would have recognized you! I'm figuring you get off around 5, and I don't get out til 6 something, so chances that we'll pass are slim. Wouldn't it be funny if we did? Be on the lookout.

    ps. I really like that bridge.

  10. Jeremy, yours was also one of the comments that Blogger deleted. You know the Saddleback Memorial half sounds very, very tempting. I'm considering. : )