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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

I woke to the realization that today is Friday the 13th.  Now, didn’t we just recently have a Friday the 13th?  In fact, haven’t we had several this year already, like more than usual?  Turns out NO.  This is our first of the year.  August 2010 was the last Friday the 13th.  Perhaps I was just dreaming.  Because I do that a lot.  Dream.

Never did I believe in the superstitious Friday the 13th.  When I was a young lady, perhaps teen (maybe I’m dreaming again, and I was in my thirties lol), the Friday the 13th movies came out.  I was a bit spooked over the date after that.  Probably since then, not a Friday the 13th passes without at least a pause.  The silly-girlish-like me thought this morning, “Today would be a perfect day for a fall or a snake bite on my run.”  Tell me!  Who thinks that?  L.O.L. (Seriously, if you think things like this comment and let me know!)

In fact, the day was just the opposite for my run.  This Friday the 13th was a lucky day.  Lucky, because the sun didn’t come out until the end of my run (Yes, I know the sun is beautiful, but when you’re running up Meadows Trail, the sun is an unwelcome visitor).  This Friday the 13th was also lucky because I didn’t see a single snake.  Wait, I take that back.  I would have loved to have seen a snake, so I guess it was unlucky in that respect.  But it was a lucky day because I didn’t get struck by a snake (even luckier that a tick did not attach – I hate ticks!).   And though mountain bikers roamed the trails in freakish numbers, I experienced not a single near-miss.  My run was lucky also because the breeze was cool.  My form felt good.  And I even finished this run in time for my first school pick-up.

I was a picture taking fool, I admit, so happy I was to run today.  The best part, slowly but surely, some parts of my new form are becoming habit.  For example, I keep my head up a good 90% of the time.  My strike is always mid-foot and I “kick” out the back.  I’ve got my arms down pretty good also.  The biggest problem is keeping my core engaged, especially on uphills.  Without that core engaged, that lean at the ankles  that Chi-Running is famous for (and natural running in general) is impossible.  (An “engaged” core kind of feels like a pelvis tilt, or like you’re just about to do a crunch.)

Scenes from the first Friday the 13th of 2011:

Entering Meadows Trail (Notice the nice flat single track) – Not for long, soon sweat will pour.CIMG0194

Some of the spring beauty that lingers in the coastal hills of Southern California (Meadows Trail)CIMG0199

A quick stop nearing the top of Meadows Trail.  The brown meadow in the flatlands (about mid photo) is about a quarter mile into Meadows Trail.CIMG0210

Happily, joyfully posing at the top of Meadows Trail.  Can you believe the Pacific Ocean is behind me? In real life, I could see it, though not clearly, and it was as calm as a lake.  (I kind of look like a Blue Cross worker or perhaps Florence Nightingale with that hat : )CIMG0221

Running along ridge, looking down on Meadows Trail (I ran up on the right).CIMG0224

Top of Mathis Trail with warnings that I can’t run it to the end.  I must take a detour up Drippin Cave.  Ahhhh bummer. SmileCIMG0232

Running Down Meadows Trail toward Wood Canyon (& Dripping Cave Trail), Aliso Canyon in the far distance.CIMG0237

Entering Dripping Cave Trail, Ahh, lovely shade as the sun appears.CIMG0241

One of my favorite places in Aliso/Wood Canyons (Dripping Cave), the rocks are covered with moss.  Notice poison oak in bottom left corner.CIMG0245

More Dripping Cave Running (parallel to Wood Canyon Trail).  Must run carefully here, as this is the scene of one of my bad falls.CIMG0247

Relaxing, just a bit in Dripping Cave (AKA Robbers Cave).  Can’t stay long, need to get to school to pick up son.


Leaving Dripping Cave.  Fairyland.  This picture doesn’t even do the scene justice.  CIMG0251

Miles run today:  9.50 (for those familiar with Aliso/Wood Canyons, my route was Aliso Creek Trail to Wood Canyon where I quickly hopped onto Meadows Trail up to Top of the World.  From there I ran Park Avenue Nature Trail to West Ridge.  Then I ran down Mathis and took a short detour up Dripping Cave to end back on Wood Canyon.  Then I ran it back in on Aliso Creek Trail to finish this run.) I felt good and strong.  But by the time I arrived to my son’s school, I felt like I needed to vomit, as I only took in 100 calories on the run (and drank only a 230 calorie breakfast).  Not good planning.  But I still call this a LUCKY day. Smile

5 13 11 Elevation - Distance


  1. So beautiful. It's been awhile since I went trail running - I really need to get some in soon.

  2. What's up with Mathis? I's it still damaged from the winter's rains? I know Emerald Canyon in Laguna Coast is probably never reopening again...

    And thanks for your comments yesterday. I *had*stopped taking some of my vitamin lately.

  3. I totally spaced that it was Friday the 13th. Usually I remember and feel a small sense of foreboding. I love when it is cloudy it makes the colors seem so vibrant. Beautiful place. :)

  4. Lovely run on beautiful trails! What more can you want on a lucky day like that? I always enjoy all your photos. Nice positive post Lauren!

  5. Thanks for reading Green Girl. Get out there when it's still cool, if you can. Unless, of course, you love the heat. Me, not so much : )

  6. Hi Glenn! Yup, the winter rains took a big chunk out of Mathis. That one little dry creek that runs into Wood Creek, became a river.

    I am so bummed to hear about Emerald Canyon. That is my favorite place over there!

  7. Hi Kate! I love the cloudy weather for running too. I mean blue skies, puffy clouds are beautiful. But there's nothing like that cool, wet air that cloudy days bring on the coast.

  8. Thanks Johann! I'm a picture taking fool (kiddin' about the fool part), but it's just so beautiful, I just have to snap away.