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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Woes

I am now one of those people using a broken-up cracked cell phone and am happy to do it!  I like having a junky phone – ideal for the trails.  Turns out I dropped it on my last run (on the road!)   Fortunately, someone found it, called and returned it.  And it still works same as before (for now). (I will be the last person I know to buy a “smart" phone.)

Went for a delightful trail run today.  Had very little time, but I needed to get rid of my woes.  Not permanently of course.  Such is life.  Instead, I set them aside momentarily for a bit of running:

5 25 11

Running up Cholla Trail (.5 to 1.00 on graph above & miles 5.5 to 6) – today’s route to the ridge:CIMG9819

Top of Cholla, ready to run West Ridge TrailCIMG9821

Running along West Ridge.  Which Trail did I take?  Hmmmmm . . . CIMG9822

Well, you’re reading the blog of a single-track lover.  I took the right trail, so that I could see this:CIMG9823

And this:CIMG9832

Back on West Ridge, another fork in the road.  Which trail did I take?  You probably have guessed the pattern.  Single-track minded, I took the right.CIMG9834

After running to Top of the World, I took another single track detour onto Park Avenue Nature Trail to end up back on West Ridge, with much of it’s trail laid out before me.  CIMG9840

Miles run this morning: 6.4


  1. You sound like me! Until my work replace my flip phone with a Blackberry, my screen was completely jacked up so I was never sure who I was calling or who was calling me. Ha!

  2. That's funny Green Girl -- I'm finding a hard time with the texting. With low light though, it's okay.