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Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Name-El Moro-Fence Line-Bommer Loop

This morning I drove a total of forty-two miles (round trip) to run less than 7.  That cracks me up. 

I’m not complaining.  Just laughing.  I wanted something short because I thought I’d bring the mileage down this week, as I accidentally topped 40 miles last week.  I also wanted something a little different so it would seem like I was exploring.

So, I drove up to El Moro in Irvine.  The clouds were gray, the weather cool.  And I enjoyed this solo-run immensely, all without getting lost, boxed in or stung by stinging nettle (I also didn’t fall, which is always a good thing). 

After running down No Name Ridge (truly, that’s the name : ) I turned off onto West Cut Off (below) to connect up with El Moro CanyonCIMG9911

I ran past lots of these wild rosesCIMG9913

El Moro Canyon TrailCIMG9923

Running up Nice and Easy (Yup, that’s the trail’s name : )CIMG9925

Posing on Fence Line Trail which heads up to Bommer RidgeCIMG9927

Ahhh, single-track Smile


5 28 11

6.6 miles run this morning


  1. What a beautiful run. Seems worth the drive. ::smiles::

    As for my new duffel bag, before I only had two workout bags - one is dedicated to kickboxing and one is an 'all purpose' bag.

    I was using the 'all purpose' bag but it's huge and it was really awkward to carry it along with all my work stuff. It was also way too bulky for the gym lockers.

    This bag is perfect for locker storage and so much easier to carry to the office.

  2. This is my favorite bunch of trails. Beautiful!

  3. Fun!! I love driving to new places and running. It makes life interesting!

  4. Love El Moro... rattlesnake trail is my favorite. Its been a while since I have been there.

  5. Thanks for reading Green Girl. I am lucky, because I work-out in the morning, and therefore don't have to carry a gym bag to work. Also, even though I belong to a "cheap" (inexpensive) gym, they have huge lockers. I mean huge. When I walk in, I often comment (with the amount of stuff I lug in), "What, am I the only one staying the night?" Everyone just looks at me like I'm strange. Have yet to get someone to laugh at the comment. I guess it's in the timing : )

  6. Thanks for stopping by Giraffy. Anytime you want company on these trails, let me know. I'd be happy to join you. You can contact me here or at my the trail running group site I belong to www.theoct.org

  7. I love it too Kate. I'm an explorer at heart! Only set-back is the price of gasoline : (

  8. Jeremy, any time you want to run El Moro and want company, let me know. I haven't run Rattlesnake before, but am up for practically anything, even a trail called "Rattlesnake." Good seeing you today and meeting your lovely wife!

  9. Giraffy. I made a typo. It's www.theoctr.org

  10. You know - you can always come in off of Laguna Canyon Road. Come into Laguna Coast Wilderness right where Laguna Canyon and El Toro intersect. You can come up through Laurel Canyon onto Bommer and into El Moro. A lot less driving for you and a lot less expensive than the $15 the State now charges for parking.

  11. I know Glen -- $15 to park is ridiculous. I actually started at the top (Ridge Park?) It's free there. I like your idea though, definitely a lot less driving.