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Saturday, April 16, 2011


After a fitful night of sleep – headaches, etc., I woke myself and the entire family early for a rendezvous at O’Neill Regional Park.  I registered for the O.C. Chili Run at special request of our sons who wanted to catch pollywogs in the creek there.

6:30 AM, they weren’t so happy about waking and heading out by 7:00.

Being that I haven’t run this race since 2009, I was excited.  It’s relatively short, but not easy.  And I was hoping to meet See.Kate.Run who also ran the race (I didn’t see her : (

Standing in the bib line on this rather warm morning


Pre-race Hugs


We’re off!


OC CHILI RUN 4-16-2011, Elevation - Distance

Though I dressed too warmly (long sleeves!) I enjoyed this race.  I got to pass several people in the last couple miles.  That’s always fun (usually it’s people passing me!)  One woman though ran so closely behind me on the downhill single track, I told her twice if she wanted to pass to just holler.  She laughed and said she couldn’t run as fast as me.  Then when we reached the paved road, she said, “You run an excellent pace – thanks for letting me use you as my pacer.”  Then she passed me an I laughed out loud, genuinely happy and replied, “Thanks for beating me!” 

I don’t know if she beat me in the end.  She probably did.  I was just happy to have finished this race strong.  I saw my oldest son first near the finish line.  He ran with me a few steps and happily exclaimed, “If you hurry, you’re gonna make it under a hour!”  I had hoped for a better time, say 48/49 minutes.  My time was 57 minutes.  I’m not used to races of this length – boy do they start off faster than I’m used to.

It’s all fun though.  All fun.

Miles logged today:  4.85


Time to go home Smile



  1. Hope the kids got some polliwogs! It was always exciting for me as a kid to watch metamorphosis in action.

    Good job on your race too! Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Oh how cute is that little one looking for his pollywogs!?!

    What a great race! You were so fast!

    I'm not sure but I think I saw you! It was right at the beginning of the race. I looked up and I saw someone that looked like you walking to the group from the restroom and then I thought, "Oh wait is that??" but then the race was just about to start and you were looking at your garmin and walking up to the front so I didn't stop you - if it was you. ;)

    I had a great time! I am so glad you told me about these races! It was perfect for me!

  3. Hi Glenn. We definately got us lots of pollywogs to put in the backyard pond.

  4. Hi Kate. I'm so glad you had fun. Though it's lowish mileage, it's definately not an easy race. I was walking away from the bathrooms just minutes before race, so that may have been me. Too bad we missed each other. You really did great too!