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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Less Than 30 Miles To Go!

Day Five 100 Mile Week Celebration/Challenge: 70.97 Miles Run

I woke this morning with a worsened cold.  But I still cleaned the kitchen, got those lunches packed and did some laundry.   Then as I rushed out the door to meet two running friends, I grabbed my cell phone to call Sheila and confirm our run.  Well, with no glasses, I scrolled to the “S’s” in my address book and “dialed.”  (I can’t read without glasses!)  A man answered.  No biggy; I thought he was her husband.  “Is Sheila there?” 

“Wrong Number,” he said. 

I was in a rush.  I laughed and said, “Okay, I know you because you’re in my address book.  But I gotta go.  Sorry.”

“Lauren?” the man on the other end said.

“Yes.  Who’s this?” 


SHANE IS MY BROTHER.  L . . . O . . . L

That is how whacked I am right now.  I don’t even recognize my own brother’s voice!  My husband and oldest son got a good long laugh over this one. (It’s good to make your family laugh, don’t you think?)

I made it to Aliso/Wood Canyons in time to meet friends Sheila and Kelly, and they joined me for the big loop – the CLOCKWISE LOOP, which means running UP Meadows (that’s the ridiculously steep hill from my “timed loop” mentioned in several blogs.)

Me, Sheila and Kelly about to take off through Aliso Canyon


Surprisingly, I was able to do this 11+ mile loop without dropping dead to the ground.  Thankfully, the skies were overcast and the air was heavy with moisture.  The run through Wood Canyon on the way back was delicious with a lovely cool breeze.  But that last .75 miles on pavement coming into the ranger station was tortuous.  I was so dog-gone tired.  But that wasn’t the end for me.  When the ladies left, I had planned on another 4 miles since I had more time. 

Running along West Ridge Trail (All the major uphills finished!)


As I mentioned, that last 3/4 mile I felt like I couldn’t run another step.  Running into the finish nearly breathless, I exclaimed, “I AM SOOO TIRED.” 

“You know what I do when I’m really tired?”  Kelly had a serious look to her face.  I thought she was going to give me a good tidbit. 

“What?” I eagerly asked.

She smiled.  “I RUN FOUR MORE MILES!!!”

Well, that set me off with a good laugh.  Sheila sent me off with “You’re a rock star,” but I knew that she could have run those extra miles too. 

What a great pleasure to have company on this morning’s run.

And then I set off running again.  I wanted 15 for today, so I ran across the street into another park.  I simply ran glancing at the garmin, and when it read 2 miles, I turned around and ran back for a total mileage of 15.55 miles today.

The park across the street (I’ve never run this park before today)


There’s those birds again (above).  Magical, I tell ya.  Magical. Smile

About 29 miles remain and just two busy days to run them. 


  1. Aren't their goslings beautiful. When I see them I just don't get the whole ugly duckling story...yes yes, they are not swans. I don't know when they will hatch here, everything is delayed and now we have serious flooding on their habitat too.
    I'm glad you were not making a booty call on your cell phone without your glasses, although that would make a great party game!
    Sounds like you pulled out another great run.

  2. Thanks for reading Hank! Wish you could have joined us. Hope you had fun at Bonelli : )

  3. Thanks Kate! I just tell everyone I am crazy. Hope you had fun if you made Peter's Canyon today. I couldn't make it because of time constraints. Maybe I'll see you on the trails soon.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Windnsnow. It's amazing with these geese. I have never noticed them before -- then suddenly, I see hundreds of them. It's like they're waiting (impatiently -- one hissed at me) to make that trip north. I feel so lucky with our excellent weather here, it kind of makes me nervous. Good thing the economy sucks so badly in California. (Okay, bad joke)

  5. I used to take my kids fishing in that lake! I'm getting caught up with my reading and the suspense is killing me!

  6. Hi Glenn! All these years living in the O.C. and I have never seen that lake (except from driving on La Paz). What a lovely (safe) park to run. I bet they're aren't many rattlers there.