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Monday, April 18, 2011

Got Some Catching Up To Do

Day Two of 100 Mile Week Celebration/Challenge: 28.38 Miles Run

Finding places to run is not a problem.  Motivation and energy to run is not (yet) a problem.  Finding time to run is a problem.  At the rate I’m running (I know it’s still early in the week – which for this purpose is Sunday through Saturday), I’m going to need to find time to run more than fourteen miles for each of the remaining days. CIMG9774

Will I have the energy?  I don’t know.  I still need to get all three sons to school with their different start times.  I still have to clean house, do the groceries.  And I still have to work.  Despite this, I got in a lovely 12 mile run through the local beaches, wharf and marina this morning.  The marine layer was thick, the air wet.  I began the run feeling cold, wishing I wore a jacket.  I ended the run perfectly comfortable.  I don’t remember tiring even once.

After picking up the boys from school, I ran off to the post office this afternoon to mail our taxes.  The marine layer had vanished.  The sun seemed to wear me down.  And I definitely grew fatigued during this short 3+ mile late afternoon run.


Miles logged today:  15.11


  1. I was thinking about your 100 miles last night and wondered how you will fit it in between your weekly chores. I know how I must work to get a 100km week in, never mind 100 miles! All the best and keep it going! (100km sounds and looks good as well...62.14 miles)

  2. way to get that mileage in. well done

  3. It is very difficult Johann to fit in these miles with everything going on. Now I have this cold! But I plan to keep going for now. Have fun on your 100km weekend!