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Friday, April 22, 2011

One Day Remains, 15.23 Miles To Go

Day Six 100 Mile Week Celebration/Challenge: 84.77 Miles Run

I cannot adequately describe how utterly fatigued I am.  People ask me if my legs are tired.  No they aren’t tired.  My arms are tired though.  My eyes are tired.  My shoulders are tired.  My ankles ache.  And I think I may have broken my toe (though it has vastly improved, so I could be wrong).  My neck is tired.  My voice is tired.  And my brain is tired.  I. Am. Tired.

I didn’t begin the 6th day of my 7 day running celebration/challenge like this.  I began it with a throbbing headache, runny nose, sore throat and cough.  After rushing around getting the first two boys to their schools, I took a shot of “severe cold and cough medicine.”  The only kind we had in the house was the “nighttime” formula.  And I use the words “took a shot” because it tasted awful, much like downing a shot of whiskey (yuk).  LOL.  Yes, I am a bit off, I think.  I did though feel a lot better.  I’m sure it didn’t help in the “tired” category.

After dropping my kindergartner off to school, I literally began my run from his classroom door.  Leaving the car in the school lot, I ran to the river walk and headed to the beach.

Day Six, Raring to RunCIMG9872

Amazingly, my body felt good running.  I was hoping to get a big push on mileage so that day 7 would be a short run.  The weather was cool, though I warmed up pretty quickly.  I tried not to think about anything, especially the end.  Except occasionally, looking at my mileage was forbidden.  I didn’t want to stress.  I just wanted to run. 

And run I did, snapping a few photos here and there.  And I even saw a high school friend Andy  as I headed back.  What a great pleasure it is to see old friends (we didn’t grow up in The O.C., but live a couple blocks from each other now).  Anyway, I stopped for a moment and talked quickly, as I was losing my voice and I had to get back to school.

I thought I might run twice today to make up mileage.  As it was, after picking up boys one and two (hubby picked up boy three), I threw myself into bed.  There I slept and tossed and turned for more than three hours. 

Miles logged today:  13.80

Views Along The Way:

I call that a low, low, low rider Smile


Running Beneath Highway One Into Doheny BeachCIMG9876

Kind of Striking a Pose at the MarinaCIMG9879


Turn Around Point / The JettyCIMG9885


  1. You are one tough cookie, girl. ::hugs::

    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Almost there...by the way, you probably know this, but you are showing classic signs of overtraining. the next big one you'll see is listlessness and burnout. Be careful. One more day to go. Then go have a big chocolate eclair or something!

  3. Thanks Green Girl. I always argue with people when they say I'm tough. I'm not gonna do it now. Feeling better, good enough to make that final run. Thanks for reading!

  4. Yes, Windnsnow, almost there! In fact, I made it. Instead of a chocolate eclair, I had huevos con chorizo and wine : ) I will rest. I missed the cross training desperately over the past week. Can't wait to get back to that -- I think it's so important for me. Thanks for your encouragement. Looking forward to reading all the blogs I missed.