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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Going for the Final Push

Today’s run marks the first in the final push of my Twin Peaks training.  I’ve got 2 weeks of hard running (72 mile weeks) and then it’s time to take it easy for a couple weeks.  Of course, I’ve been struggling still over whether I even want to show up for the race.  For now, I’m pushing my fears to the back of my mind, and I’m going to do the best to get these 144 miles done before The Taper. 

Today, we were actually socked-in with cool, heavy-wet skies.  I took a straight shot up Cholla Trail to the ridge at Aliso/Wood Canyons, and ran to the Top of the World.  Looking down into the town of Laguna Beach, the ocean was no where to be seen beneath those low, fast moving clouds.  Though I didn’t make my fastest time for this route, I was only about 7 minutes shy.  And I hit the 8 minute pace level on several occasions on the trail’s down hills.  A fun, wet run indeed. 

Top of Cholla Trail @ West Ridge:

A eerily beautiful, lonely trail ahead:

Today’s out-and-back to Top of the World:Running CYN VISTAS OUT-AND-BACK TO TOW 9-11-2012, Elevation - Distance

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