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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Off Plan (Again)

How much do runners adhere to their training plans?  I actually have no idea.  I have never followed a training plan before now.  And I’m finding it very difficult to follow it precisely.  Life gets in the way.  And sometimes it (life) drags me down so much that I wake up  in the morning just too dang tired to follow the plan.  That’s what I did this morning.  Woke at 5 AM, walked out to the living room and lay back down.  I knew that I couldn’t sleep in too much longer because today was my scheduled long run. 

But I just couldn’t do it.  I could not get myself up before everyone else in the house, and disappear for 7 hours.  It would have probably done me good, helped to free my mind.  But fatigue was too much this morning.  So, I moved things around in my brain-calendar, came up with a better plan of postponing my long run and running a shorter run this afternoon, then fell back asleep.  Eventually my boys kicked me out of the living room and I went back to my bed.  My comfy, comfy bed.

My feet finally hit dirt at 2:30 PM in Aliso/Wood Canyons.  And of course the trails were a scorcher this afternoon.  I was pretty dang miserable and the thought crossed my mind on many occasions to turn back and go home.  But I’m a loopy girl, don’t really get into running out-and-back courses.  There’s got to be a special reason for me to run an out-and-back course.  Misery just isn’t a good enough reason. 

So, I ran up Wood Canyon and Cholla Trail to the ridge.  I spotted a coyote along the way eating something in the grass.  Several hikers mingled about the canyon, mountain bikers rode up and down it.  Reaching the ridge took a great deal of my fleeting strength.  It was pretty lonely up there.  Lonely and lovely. 

I connected the loop with Car Wreck Trail, an old favorite that I don’t hit often.  I looked forward to the shade at the end of this trail.  What I got were two doe standing in the middle of the trail.  They stood close together as I skidded to a stop.  It had not yet registered in my brain what I was seeing.  I had only gotten to “tall animal, tan fur.”  Then we made eye contact.  I snapped a picture, and they were off speeding through the forest to almost instantly disappear. 

Ended up with 10.54 very slow and difficult miles today.  And I have to say, perhaps someone can relate – I enjoyed the misery of it.  I really did.

West Ridge:

Car Wreck Trail:

Elevation Profile:Running Up Wood down Car Wreck 9-1-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. I really think that one problem is people stick to their training plan *too* much. We strengthen through recovery, not by pounding the crap out of our bodies for weeks on end.

    1. You are probably right Glenn. Thing is, my training plan has "rest weeks" and I still can't keep up with it. Especially in this heat!! Thanks for commenting.