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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Which Is More Stupid?

After yesterday’s trail running fiasco adventure, I returned home to a hot bath, got the boys home from school and then I napped.  I slept miserably, feeling every single scratch on my skin.  Then I put on a dress and matching fancy flip-flops with no support or give in them whatsoever.  But their beads matched the color of my dress perfectly.  I spent the next two hours at our teenaged son’s back-to-school night, bumps still covering my arms and legs. 

By the time I arrived home last evening my left heal was giving me such miserable pain, that I could not put any weight on it.  Even when sitting and my feet up, my heal ached immensely.  Before I went to bed last night, I cancelled this morning’s planned run.  A great fear gripped my heart that today I would be scheduling an appointment with our orthopedic surgeon. 

I could barely sleep last night, having to eventually elevate my foot on two pillows.  I dreamt all night that I broke my foot, that I had somehow fractured it as I plodded down that steep trail during my trail running adventure. 

This morning I was pretty much convinced that I had fractured my foot.  “What a dummy!”  I thought.  Three weeks out from Twin Peaks and I got myself injured!  My morale was dipping quickly.  My middle son said to me, “Mom, if you broke your foot, you’d be screaming in pain – that’s what Dad told me when I thought that I broke my foot.”

After getting the boys off to school, I returned home and went straight to bed.  I took two ibuprofen and elevated my foot once again and hoped, oh did I hope that it was those dang sandals I wore last night that caused the pain.  I vaguely remembered them causing pain before.  Perhaps that’s why they were buried so deeply beneath my bed.

After sleeping for three hours, I woke with much decreased pain.  By two o’ clock I could put full weight on my left heal with no pain at all.  It was a miracle!!  : ) .  I’m sure I’ll never know what occurred, but I couldn’t help but wonder, which is more stupid – unknowingly running down a dead-end trail into a closed canyon or wearing a pair of no-give, no-support sandals simply because the beads matched the color of my dress?

I’m playing it safe from now on.  Really!!!


  1. I'm glad the pain went away. Wearing the sandals wins the more stupid contest. Running on unmarked trails is adventure!

    1. Thanks for your comment Johann. You're right, running trails is an adventure. I'm glad I have you to bounce that off on, because I get to thinking I'm crazy when everyone else gasps. And secondly, I really shouldn't wear shoes that don't give me good arch support anymore! Ends up that I have Plantar Fasciitis. : (