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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guilt-Free Running

After dropping the boys off at school this morning (two different schools and times) I set off for Aliso/Wood Canyons for a mid-morning run.  I elected the “Big Loop” (up Mentally Sensitive, down Cholla) for a 13.5 mile run.  The place was practically empty.  Everything was as it should be:  day camp kids were gone, tennis players were out in limited numbers at Top of the World.  The few mountain bikers present were courteous and yielded to the runner (me).   Yes, the sun was still dang hot.  But I got a cool breeze in my face here and there.  Best thing of all – I ran this morning’s trails GUILT-FREE.  The boys didn’t even know I was running.  I was at home when they woke, which is important to them.  And I was going to be the first face they’d see when school was finished.  I didn’t hear things like, “You’re never here in the morning.”  I didn’t realize how badly I felt all summer, guilt-ridden over not being home when the boys woke.  I guess I have some guilt issues to deal with.

I felt so free during this morning’s run, that the heat barely bothered me.  That is until I got home, my energy zapped.  Overall, today’s run was fantastic.  I’m slower than usual, but I came in stronger than I have in a long, long time.  I even had lots of time to stretch in the shade.  Oh, the glory.

On Meadows Trail headed for Mentally Sensitive:

Running (yes, running – yay!) up Mentally Sensitive:

Running the ridge toward Top of the World:

Presenting the Pacific Ocean from Top of the World:

Wood Creek Trail – I love this stuff:

More Wood Creek Trail:

This morning’s elevation profile:Running Big Loop Aliso clockwise 9-6-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. I love your trails...extremely jealous (in a healthy way)

    1. I know all about jealous "in a healthy way." LOL. Thanks for reading Ed. I feel lucky to have so many trail choices reasonably close by.