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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yet, Another Day Of Rest

Since I’m in between runs, I thought this would be a good time to document my PF (Plantar Fasciitis).  Where to begin?  (I really should shower though, since I base my showers on runs, and I haven’t run for a while!!).

First off, months ago, as far back as June 2012, I felt the tightening in my calves.  After that, it seemed I often felt that calf tightening in the beginning of my runs, and stretched within the first mile.  Thereafter, I felt fine.  Still I worried, and I looked up “shin splints.”  Nothing seemed to match.

Secondly, I insisted on not purchasing new shoes, since I’m in a financial bind.  I wore my favorite shoes when the tread was visibly worn.  Seriously, since I basically have a mid-foot strike, and it had done me well for so long, I thought it was a “cure-all.”

Thirdly, since I was putting in so MANY hours running, I wanted to get home quickly, and therefore began skipping my stretch sessions.  I told myself that I would stretch back at home.  Of course, most of the time, I forgot to do that. NEVER DO THIS.  Always stretch after running.

Yes, I do have a mid-foot strike.  But one of my running friends, Tom B., noticed that I tend to heel strike on the downhills.  I should have paid more attention.  On my last run, I focused on this, and noticed that I had to exaggerate, practically doing a forefoot strike on the downhills to avoid the heel strike.

All this is retrospect.

As far as the “now” goes, I still have this unrealistic idea that I can’t be injured.  I have to face that unrealistic, obvious fact now.  I now have a notepad by the phone where I record my icings, my stretching and my tapings.

Whereas, I had been only icing twice daily, I iced 4 times today.  I’m rolling more often, and I’m apply new tape more often.

Besides all this, I’m still doing my napping, and I’m fretting, and I’m drinking my Sauvignon Blanc once  7 PM hits too often.    I’m also doing A LOT of reading.  Though my “reading” blog entries should really be posted in my literary blog: www.simplyfictionaltales.blogspot.com, I can’t help but mention my readings now since they are more of my life than running is now.

Most recently I finished Gone with the Wind  (Margaret Mitchell).  It affected me so much with ideas so profound and out-of-date that I can’t begin to write about them now.  Let me just write that I am very fortunate, and though Scarllett, the main character, had loving parents, family and friends, I have never felt the destitute she had to endure.

After that novel, I visited my private library.  Yes, I have a library, with thousands of books, many of which I have not yet read.  I decided to read a memoir by Augusten Burroughs, whom I am familiar with.  I have to tell you, after reading A Wolf at the Table AND drinking wine AGAIN tonight, I can’t help but feel fortunate.

Unlike Burroughs, I have always had loving parents who believed in me.  While I think I am crazy for doing this trail running thing, they seem to understand.  I truly think without their understanding, I would never line up at Twin Peaks 2 weeks from now.  And though, especially with my injury, I may not finish, it will not finish me.  My poor unknown friend, Augusten, never knew the strength that a father can give (he did have his loving mother for a while thankfully). Either way, my parents, though I sense they feel I am  “way too old for this,” they are proud.  Simply stated, both my parents will thankfully support me in this crazy endeavor I have in two weeks. 

To sum up this blog.  If you have time and have a liking for classics, READ GONE WITH THE WIND.  Secondly, if you want a more contemporary author who is not shy about writing the truth as he sees it, try Augusten Burroughs.  Thirdly, DO NOT WEAR WORN SHOES WHILE RUNNING.  And fourthly, STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH.

Love you all!


  1. You really need to rest and resolve the PF. I know of people who fight with symptoms for months. The small loss in fitness that you will suffer from a couple weeks off is nothing compared to the months of agony if you don't nip this in the butt now.

    1. You are right my friend. Now, I have no choice but to rest, as I have the flu. : ( My foot however, with constant self physical therapy is much improving.