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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thus Begins My Last Hard Week

This morning I ran the first run in the last “hard week” of my Twin Peaks Training.  I could have definitely used another day of rest after my 38 mile weekend.  But I was out there on the trails this morning nonetheless.  Don’t have much to say about the run.  I was tired.  I felt sluggish and didn’t much enjoy myself.  Then I escaped into the moment and just “was.”  That’s right.  I didn’t think about anything.  I neither enjoyed nor suffered.  Simply ran and did my miles.  I sprinted in the last 50 yards. 

Tonight, I am tired still. 

Miles run: 6.37

Weather:  Perfect; warm, but not hot, with an occasional breeze.

Running up Cholla Trail:

Time to harvest the Prickly Pear:

View of Pacific Ocean from Park Avenue Nature Trail:

Cheers from from a weary lady at Top of the World (Laguna Beach):

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