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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Twin Peaks Training Run #1

My training plan for today dictated ten miles.  But today was the first official Twin Peaks Training Run.  With all my negative self-talk, doubt and plain ole’ exhaustion from the heat, I had to make this run.  I wanted to meet some of the runners, and I wanted to run the one trail of this ultra that I have not trained on – Indian Truck Trail.  The trail is the first 6.5 miles of the race, and the last 6.5 miles of the race.  I have never run up it in its entirety, mainly because it begins in Corona (which is on the other side of the mountain from me). 

The runners who showed had the choice between 3 routes, each a part of the other.  I chose the shortest, as I mentioned above, the Indian Truck Trail out-and-back.  (We didn’t began at the actual start line, so it was a little over 7 miles each way).  I knew three of the runners and the race director, Jessica, but the others were new faces to me.  I always find it intriguing to meet others who want to attempt something that I think is more than crazy!  It doesn’t make me feel less crazy.  It makes me smile that they too are crazy.  We crazies come in all types.  One of the women chose to run the shorter 14 mile portion, and I was lucky that we are about the same pace.   It will be good to see her again on race day.

The first 6.5 mile climb has been worrying me about the race.  Today, it has put my mind at ease.  This is definitely not going to be a portion of the race that causes me problems – that is of course unless I go out too fast, or something unforeseen happens.  The trail is wide, nicely graded with very few rocks.  The views are green and grand.

Heading up:

Besides meeting friends and meeting trail runners I haven’t met before, one of the best parts of today was . . . wait for it . . . NO. GNATS.  Yes, that’s right.  Not a single one.  And I am oh, so hopeful that they are gone for good.  The heat though was still present in abundance.  I’m not sure, but I think it’s hotter on the Riverside side of the mountain compared to the side facing the ocean (“my side.”) 

On the way down Indian Truck Trail I got to really “open up” and run faster than I usually do because the trail has little or no hazards.  I’m used to working with boulders, roots, you name it.  Makes me wish I had put more training on this trail before now. 

Top of Indian Truck Trail at The Main Divide:

I had been feeling very weak and unconfident before today’s training run.  I still feel weak and lack confidence.  The thing that has changed is this:  It doesn’t matter.  I’m still gonna try.  And if I can’t finish, well, then, I’ll have that experience, which isn’t that terrible of an experience after all. 

Going down:

Indian Truck Trail’s Elevation Profile:Running Itt out-and-back 9-8-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. I'm very happy that the run gave you that boost of confidence; you are going to do awesome at Twin Peaks!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I really appreciate your confidence.

  2. Really liked this post. You've kept to a good training regiment and the rest is all in the mindset. Positive attitude will yield positive results. Still up in the air about the whole thing but I'll come up with a definitive answer by next Sunday. Either way, I'll be rooting for you.

    1. Thanks Hank. I really hope I see you there. I wouldn't be this far in my training if it weren't for your courage last year! You inspired me (I'm still scared to death though).

  3. I did this race two years ago. The only ting that you have to watch out for are (a) the rattlesnakes and (b) the swarm of bees about 4 miles up the trail! I did the 30km version and it was a great little race!

    1. I worked this race 2 years ago. I was at the Indian Truck Trail Aid station Glenn. I wonder if we spoke. : ) Bees, don't love em, but I can handle them. Wasps -- that's a whole other story.