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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holy Jim Aid Station / Chimera 2012

I had one more trail to mark on my way into the Holy Jim Aid Station.  I thought marking Trabuco Canyon Road would take forty-five minutes.  Ended up taking an hour and fifteen minutes!  Yikes.  Still, I arrived at least an hour before the first runner hit our station

On the way, I saw this car turned over.  A volunteer fireman had already inspected the scene, found nothing and was waiting for the police.  I just couldn’t understand how someone could flip a car right there.  The fire guy said it happens at least once a month.

What the runners saw on Trabuco as they approached our station:

The day was wonderful.  The runners were gracious.  Our crew was great, some previous running friends, some new running friends.  We had some music, lots of food and drink.  The racers were in good spirits, even those suffering.  We saw the hundred miler racers twice (at 28.5 and 38.5 miles), the 100k racers just once.  Amazingly, the winner of the 100 mile ran this BEAST of a course in under 17 hours.  This is truly shocking.  I talked to him earlier in the day, and he was so casual, unbelievably calm.

Everyone who attempted this race were superstars.  Really.  I was in awe.

Some scenes throughout the day:  

Mark Rohren, Me, Mike Epler, Alison Chavez:

The first place runner Fabrice Hardel:

Robert Whited:

John Hockett & Alison Chavez:

Greg Hardesty (#14):

The Jester (#6):

Stephen De La Cruz (#33):

Welcome to Holy Jim Aid Smile

Kurt Erlandson (on left):


  1. Saw your photos on FB and loved it. I love helping at aid stations like this. Looks like awesome fun!

    1. It was awesome fun Johann. I'm glad you liked the pictures. The best part was being part of this awesome running community.

  2. Nice! Hoping to work this trace next year!

    1. It is a must do Glenn. I hope I can work it next year too. It was like no other volunteering experience.