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Monday, November 5, 2012

My Feet

I’ve written often about my feet.  Obviously, feet are extremely important to me : ).  Recently, I wrote much about my Plantar Fasciitis bout.  But even more recently, I’ve mentioned something called a neuroma.  And I don’t think I’ve ever gone into what’s up with that (though my friends and family know something about it!).

A neuroma is when one of my foot nerves rubs against my toe bones.  It hurts.  An old neuroma hurts more than a newer one.  It’s a burning feeling, literally like my second and third toes are on fire.  It also tingles, as if a thousand tiny needles are poking into my toes. 

Ten years ago, the neuroma in my left foot was so painful, I had to quit exercising.  I wasn’t a runner then but I was still active.  I received cortisone shots that left me unable to even walk well for a week.  The shots helped some after the initial week.  My doctors however, would only give me 3 shots a year.   I got custom made orthotics that did nothing to relieve the pain.

Finally, I had that nerve in my left foot surgically removed.  Recovery was extremely slow.  For YEARS my “surgery” foot just didn’t feel right.  By the time my surgery foot finally felt normal, I was a runner.  Meanwhile, the neuroma in my right foot began to worsen.  I flat out declined cortisone shots and surgery.  I had more orthotics made, that again did nothing to relieve the pain.  Meditation worked for a while.  Massaging never worked. Then one day, my husband mentioned that I should stop by a “foot” store up the street called “The Good Feet Store.”  I was about to run my very first race, a 5k turkey trot.  I was pretty desperate to relieve the pain.  So into the store I went.  Three hundred dollars later, I had an extreme pair of non-custom orthotics.  For many years these orthotics have been my saving grace.  But now and then, especially when I’m carrying extra weight, the pain returns.  I merely run through it.  I just can’t put myself through the surgery again, nor do I want the cortisone shots.

Today, I got out for a short run, and didn’t feel even an inkling of neuroma pain.  It comes and goes like that.  And so I will continue to deal with it, try to drop some pounds and enjoy the beautiful trails with a nerve rubbing against my toe bones. 

This morning’s run:  

Running Cyn Vistas to TOW out-and-back 11-5-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. So frustrating about the neuroma. I hope it stays away & you can log more scenic runs for us to enjoy via photo.

    1. Thanks Average Woman Runner -- I definitely plan on it!!!

  2. I was wondering about that after you mentioned it. Very frustrating! I've been lucky up to now with injuries and other problems and hope this continues. Your runs are always beautiful. Keep it going Lauren!

    1. I suppose Johann I'll eventually need to take the time off for surgery. I really, really hope it doesn't end up that way. Thanks for the comment!