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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meadows, My Old Friend . . .

Time was short today, so I cut my big loop short this morning.  That meant I got the pleasure of running up my old friend Meadows. 

Running Up Meadows, down Mathis 11-14-2012, Elevation - Distance

I know Meadows Trail looks excruciating.  But it really isn’t that terrible.  Well, it’s pretty terrible – the good kind of terrible.  What makes Meadows bearable is its majestic views.  And it’s also a switchback, which makes pretty much any trail bearable.

The best part is that I experienced no anxiety approaching Meadows Trail.  Yet there was a time I wouldn’t run anywhere near Meadows Trail.  It was that daunting.  I nearly cried the first time I went up.  It was quite painful.  And that first time, I could barely run even three steps of it.  The Saddleback Mountains have successfully dwarfed my old friend.   

Today, I ran unusually slow (and that’s PRETTY SLOW).  My run was delightful nonetheless because this month I’m on a break!  Yes, I’m running through my “break,” even visiting my old friend Meadows.  But I’m not stressing and I’m NOT training.


Running the Ridge Toward Top of the World:

Descending into Wood Canyon via Mathis Trail:


  1. It is so beautiful there! Maybe one day I can go up there with you... Great that you are not stressing about anything!

  2. Not Stressing for now Johann. :) Aliso/Wood is lovely, it's great for me because the drive is so close (only about 20 minutes away). It takes me an hour one-way to get in a mountain run.