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Monday, November 12, 2012

Much Needed Run

After sleeping much of the afternoon Sunday, I bedded down early.  I’m sure I was sound asleep by 10:00 PM.  At 12:30 AM, my phone rang out a text, which confused the heck out of me.  I thought the sound was my morning alarm.  Then I noticed the time.  Thinking perhaps someone was texting to check if I was running in the morning, I fumbled for my glasses and opened my phone to read the text.  IT WAS AN AD FOR A TAR FREE CIGARETTE KIT addressed to me by name. 

Excuse me?  Text messages are not free.  They count against my account whether I send or receive.  And then to send me one at 12:30 AM, when I want to wake at 4:30 AM!!  Now, I’m not the type of person to say this to someone, but I was this close (I’m pressing two fingers together) to texting back “F*** Y**” without the asterisks.  I decided against that, put my glasses in my shoes on the floor and tossed and turned for a bit until I fell back asleep.

4:30 AM, my cellphone alarm rang out.  I woke, turned on the heaters.  It was still dark out, and the weather WAS FREEZING.  I made a two-cup pot of coffee, bundled beneath two flannel blankets and fell promptly asleep on the couch.  (Sound familiar?) 

I dreamt about oversleeping and missing a holiday run.  I didn’t want to miss a run on a holiday.  Holidays are perfect running days.  Why?  Because trail running is a form of celebration most of the time for me. 

I actually woke myself out of my dream at 6:30 AM.  On the road at 7:00 AM, I made it to the Maple Springs trailhead around 8:00 AM.   The wind blew cold.  Bundled up, I took off for a 7.5 mile uphill run to “Four Corners” in the freezing cold.

Goofing around at the trailhead before taking off:

I saw two runners on their way down, two cyclists.  Other than that, I was alone (but not lonely) the entire uphill trip.  The creeks were dry.  The Maples were turning yellow.  And I spooked two small deer on the road. 

This was a peaceful run.  A much needed run.  I chose Maple Springs, located in Silverado Canyon because I just couldn’t face Trabuco Canyon right now.  I wanted a anxiety-free, moment-by-moment run.  I didn’t want to face my defeat in Trabuco Canyon.  Maple Springs holds only good memories for me.  Today piled on some more with majestic views, clear blue skies, and crisp cool weather, add to that an overall acceptance and gratitude of life.

Dry creek bed crossing:

Holding onto my cap as the wind tries to take it:

Pure beauty:


I didn’t stress about pace.  I didn’t stress about my problems.  I didn’t stress about anything.  I simply worked.  And it felt great to work hard.  The weather warmed slightly.  I warmed quicker and stripped off the warm clothing by mile five.  But I never felt over-heated.  Everything was PERFECT.

A frozen puddle:

A quick pose at “Four Corners”

Heading back down:Running Maple Springs to 4 corners 11-12-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. Nice run Lauren and as you say much needed run. I love runs like that. I often de-stress on the trails.

    1. If you ever make it out to California Johann, I would bring you to Maple Springs. Much of it is truck trail (I prefer single track), but it is oh so beautiful.

  2. Great run- I know what you mean about "much needed runs."

    1. Thanks for reading Rachel. Maple Spring always seem to "do the trick" for me.